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(hoot) Welcome!

Welcome to hoot reads, a blog of written reviews on books recommended by friends, Bestseller’s lists, or suggested by friendly strangers encountered at my local bookstore. After studying at Simon Fraser University, and spending mind-numbing hours reading boring textbooks and articles, I made it my mission after graduation to boldly read and digest books that I never sought before.

Books are food for the mind and soul. To enjoy them, you should take the time to read them, take in every word. How you read them is up to you, whether we choose to analyze characters, observe how they develop, or scrutinize every written word on each page to see what message or lesson of the story the author is conveying. hoot reads is written by an amateur book reviewer, one who is honest and takes a great deal of time to write a clear and concise review. My reviews are not like the lengthy praises and harsh criticisms written by editors from The New York Times or The Globe and Mail. My words are honest, true, and with no relationship with the authors there won’t be any favoritism here, although I’ll try to be mindful and sensitive when writing critical reviews.

On a last note, I like to acknowledge my childhood friend, Tracy, for suggesting I should do more than “read the world,” and share others what I’ve learned instead of keeping my feelings to myself for each book I’ve read. This blog wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for her brutal honesty.

To newcomers welcome and remember to give a “hoot” for books!