Book Review

Review: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

something borrowed

Number of pages: 352

Format: paperback

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Rating: ages 18 and up

Genre: romance, relationships, friendships


The story is told in Rachel White’s point of view, a diligent lawyer working in a Manhattan firm by day, traitor to her best friend, Darcy Rhone, by night. She’s selected to be her friend’s maid-of-honor, yet on the night of her thirteenth birthday, she confesses her feelings to her best friend’s fiancé, Dexter Thaler. After realizing their true feelings for each other, Rachel must choose between the two most important things in her life: friendship or true love. With Darcy’s wedding drawing nearer, things spiral out of control for Rachel as she learns that sometimes you have to take a risk to remain true to yourself.

My thoughts:

Something Borrowed was my first chick-lit novel, catching my attention after reading chapter one: how a consummate good girl could betray her best friend. I had to find out what became of Rachel and Darcy’s friendship and if she ever chose to stay with her true love, or save her friendship instead.

This was a page-turner as Emily Giffin depicts the complicated relationship between Rachel and Darcy, but still making it easy for readers to follow the story. You can feel the love-hate relationship as their friendship begins to crumble.  Whereas Rachel becomes a strong character as she learns that sometimes you have to make a risky choice when following your heart. I felt connected to her character; a hard-working woman following the rules, but lacking romance in her personal life with her best friend overshadowing her. Your heart breaks for Rachel and yet you cheer her on until the end as she finds true happiness.

The only problem I had with this book was that it ended with a cliffhanger, and I hate cliffhangers. But Giffin might have ended it like that on purpose for her sequel, Something Blue.

As my first chick-lit novel, I felt Something Borrowed is wonderfully written with humor and heartbreak as Emily Giffin draws on real life relationships that allow readers to relate to the characters and their actions. I recommend it for adults looking for a thoughtfully written book filled with laughs and surprises. Something Borrowed will appeal to anyone who’s ever had a lopsided friendship and having to choose between what’s important for them, even if it means listening to your heart over your conscience.

I give the book 4 hoots out of 5 hoots.


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