Book Review

Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


Number of pages: 528

Publisher: DoubleDay Canada

Format: hardcover and paperback

Rating: for older adults (sexual content)

Genre: fantasy and magic

Notes: this is Erin Morgenstern’s first book


The circus arrives without warning…It is called Le Cirque des Reves, and it is open only at night.

A mysterious circus that only opens at sunset and closes at sunrise. With its black and white striped tents, sweet caramel wafting in the air, and wondrous entertainment within every tent, it becomes a breathtaking experience. But the circus is merely a backdrop, as there is a fierce competition between two star-crossed lovers. Marco and Celia fall in love, but their actions turn into consequences as everyone’s lives are at stake, leaving a domino effect that endangers the lives of every performer and patron involved in the circus.

My thoughts:

I was hesitant in buying The Night Circus, as I found the story to be slow in the first chapters. To be safe, I borrowed the book from the library and to my surprise it turned out to be a great read. I had mixed feelings about it at first as I found the storyline difficult to follow. The chapters are by year so often the timeline shifts from one chapter to another, and there are a handful of other characters whose stories are told that parts of the storyline seem inconsistent. As you read, it becomes confusing at first, but in the end it all makes sense as to why the author wrote it that way.

That aside, The Night Circus is a wonderful love story for adults. An original story filled with surprises, a story so alive that it feels like you’re entering the circus. Your enchanted by the romance sparked between Marco and Celia, who are destine to compete each other in a life-and-death competition since their childhood. It’ll leave you gasping at parts where their love is tested in the most extreme circumstances, leading to an unpredictable yet satisfying ending. Morgenstern is an extraordinary storyteller as she puts you into another world, and when you’re finished, you feel like it was part of a wonderful dream. One that you will want to read over and over.

The Night Circus welcomes new visitors, but you must be an adult to enter. I’ll definitely buy the book for sure.

I give the book 5 hoots out of 5.


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