Book Review

Review: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris


Number of pages: 288

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Format: hardcover

Rating: older adults (some swearing)

Genre: satirical


A guy walks into a bar car and meets the love of his life. With David Sedaris the possibilities are endless as the author remembers the most pivotal moments of his life. From the father-and-son arguments to his first colonoscopy and the time he went and bought a pygmy skeleton for Valentines Day. In his collection of essays, Sedaris tells a different story in which they all have one thing in common: a meaningful love story with an honest message. How it’s like to be loved and to love another, what it means to be family and overcoming life absurdities.

My thoughts:

The first Sedaris novel I’ve read, and one of the best books I had the pleasure of reading this month. Every story was different and there were quite a few that I could relate to “Laughing Kookaburra” “Author, Author” “#2 to go” and “The Happy Place” were a few of my personal favorites. Sedaris’s anecdotes may seem bizarre at first, but they become hilarious that its hard not to laugh-out-loud. A mix of wit and absurdity, each of his stories are thought provoking, and although it seems that Sedaris is talking about himself, in the end, it turns out he’s talking about you too.

These is the first time I’ve read a book where the author tells some weird story that’s happened to him, but suddenly realize that I’ve had the same personal experience too. Whether it’s a story about family, love, relationships, or even a happy place, Sedaris ends with a light-hearted message about life’s absurdities. A definite read for anyone looking for humor with a twist, and a writer with a sublime talent.

A well-deserved bestseller I give this book 5 hoots from 5 diabetic owls.


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