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Highlight: A Victorious Win for Canadian Author

Yesterday morning the Nobel Prize Committee made a surprising announcement that took Canada by storm. Alice Munro, 82-year old Ontario born author, won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Shortly afterwards, the news spread across the country that every Chapters Indigo store had to restock and display all of Munro’s books on their front tables, including her newest book, Dear Life. 

An epic moment celebrated by her friends and family, and every other Canadian writer as they breathed a sigh of relief as they all agreed this was a victorious win long overdue. With titles including master of short stories and our Chekhov, this was a well-deserved win, leaving Munro “terribly surprised” when she heard the great news. Alice Munro’s short stories are set in her home province, Ontario; using strong female characters, her stories are dark, tense, and yet moving and emotionally in-depth. Many of her short stories are also compiled into collections, such as Vintage Munro and Carried Away: A Selection of Stories.

A landmark in Canadian literacy, as Munro is the first Canadian female writer to win a Nobel Prize, fostering a positive interest for all Canadian writers of short fiction. With over a million copies sold and rousing reviews from critics, Munro’s short stories earned critical acclaim securing her prestigious awards before the Nobel, including the Giller’s Prize and the Governor General’s Literary Award.

Congratulations Alice Munro!

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