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From the Desk of the Four-Eyed Owl

I want to apologize for not posting as I’m well aware that it’s been weeks since I last reviewed a book. I’ve been sidetracked by school projects and a midterm exam that I haven’t been keeping up with my reading, and with a book that should have taken me 3 days to read, lasted 2 weeks because of school (I’m also committed to some volunteer work too).

Like everyone else I have a busy schedule to attend to and like any book reviewer, it’s hard to commit to some time alone to reading and blogging, and as a result I’m subjected to reviewing 2 books a month. But I assure you, good reader, that I have other plans for this blog other than reviewing books.

As you might have noticed from the past weeks, I’ve been highlighting book events in Vancouver and spotlighting good news about the literary world that are worth mentioning (did you catch my post about Alice Munro’s Nobel Prize win? Wasn’t that thrilling!) But then an idea popped into my head and I asked myself (well it was more of a thought so I ended up thinking it to myself) “why don’t I blog about new book releases from my favorite authors?” On the top of my list, Gail Carriger and Neil Gaiman are my favorite authors that I look up to and enjoy reading their books more than anything. And as talented writers they continuously write books to satisfy their reader’s palettes while entertaining us with their stories. So I thought to myself (I couldn’t say my thoughts out loud or else it looked like I was talking to myself and I was in public at the time), “since I follow these writers, why don’t I blog about their new releases as I’m sure my good readers would love to read their books if they haven’t already.” Because if you’re looking for a good book to read, than I highly recommend Gail Carriger or Neil Gaiman (whoever comes first doesn’t matter) as their storytelling abilities are amazing (although calling it amazing is an understatement as they’re accomplished writers who’ve made it on bestseller’s list more than once because they’re that good).

So there you have it! And incredibly good idea that came to me as I was thinking about how to make it up to you, my good reader, on the absences of my blog for the past weeks (and you can count this post as compensation). Starting next week, I have an exciting post in store for you about a thrilling new book by one of the above authors I mentioned. Is it Gail Carriger known for her witty steampunk and supernatural fiction? Or Neil Gaiman widely recognized for his imaginative stories that takes us back to our childhood? But the answer would be obvious if you’ve been following these authors as I have, if not than stay tuned until next Monday to hear the good news (and there will be a nice little video to go with it).

And as an avid reader I’m constantly on a mission to discover new books and if there’s an author whose books or series have captivated me, I’ll make sure to set their name aside and be on the look out for new releases, and mention him/her to you, my good reader.

PS: I also like to elaborate on what I meant by following authors. Just to be clear I don’t mean physically following them but using sources like Twitter and Google for up-to-date news on their writing habits. I thought I should clarify that in case you thought I was a weird owl with glasses who sits on a tree branch closest to an open window, watching an author scribbling away on his/her manuscript. Because I would never do that, as my glasses would be a dead give away.


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