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Last Post for 2013

It’s Christmas and this will be my last post for the year. It was only 6 months ago that hootreads was launched and yet for me it feels like yesterday that I started this experience. I like to thank my good readers for reading, sharing, and following me and I can promise you, on my feathered wings that next year will be just as better. Since the grand opening of hootreads, I’ve reviewed 22 books and read a total of 31 books this year! Although I’m certain that I read more, not that I’m bragging but because I have a short-term owl memory, I tend to miss out adding other books I’ve read onto Goodreads.

I can’t explain why but it always feels overwhelming to look back on all the books I’ve read this year, like a sense of accomplishment but something better. There’s books I’ve love, books I’ve REALLY love and went to all the used bookstores to get a cheaper copy, than there are books that I disliked and vowed never to see the cover again. Either way, I had memorable moments readings all kinds of books, moments were I laughed, cried, chuckled, and smiled.

This was a great year for hootreads books and I’m looking forward to reviewing new books, reading new releases, and other hidden gems in 2014!

So Happy Hooolidays and have a safe New Year! I’ll see you in January 2014 good readers!


the happy four-eyed owl

christmas book tree

A Christmas book tree! This goes to show that books aren’t just for reading and are very resourceful in more ways than one!  Photo courtesy of