Book Review

Review: The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

the chaos of stars

Published: August 30, 2013

Number of pages: 276

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Harper Teen

Genre: family, fantasy, mythology

Rating: YA


Isadora was born and raised in an Egyptian family. Sorry let me rephrase that. Isadora was born and raised in an Egyptian god family. Yes her parents are gods but she’s a human and when everyone else worships her family but can’t even remember her name or give her much of a passing glance, Isadora is fed up. She can no longer live with her immortal parents so when an opportunity is handed to her to live among mortals, Isadora takes this as a chance to get away from her family and start a new life. But Isadora eventually learns that there’s no clean break when it comes to family and values.

My Thoughts: 

I don’t normally read YA books but I was particularly drawn to this one as I have an interest in Egyptian mythology. After reading the synopsis I thought of it as a light comedy read, a plot where the daughter of an immortal god family is frustrated with the constant overshadowing of her parent’s reputation as the most celebrated gods of Egypt. A bizarre family of gods with eccentric and dark personalities I was suddenly reminded of the Adams family with Isadora as the only ‘normal’ person.

The storyline started good with a mystery behind Isadora’s nightmares of her family’s future. But right when Isadora leaves Egypt for San Diego to live on her own, I was immediately turned off as the plot goes downhill from there. Suddenly it felt like I was reading her diary about boys, family problems, first dates, and trying to make something of herself by being more ambitious but completely ignorant of her family’s values.

Halfway through the story I was bored with it. The characters were unconvincing and Isadora was whiny. It’s natural for a teen to be confused about their feelings and be distant from their out-of-control family, while still trying to figure things out from their life. Isadora is that teenager but I also found her annoying as she’s constantly confused about her feelings for a guy she obviously has a crush but is too stubborn to admit because she doesn’t believe in the concept of love, and is afraid that if she does give in to love, she’ll be thrown into a swirl pool of chaos (a bit dramatic for a teenager). It was difficult to like the main character without having to roll my eyes and enduring page after page of Isadora’s nagging and whining about her family. I also felt that some of the new characters could have been left out, as they didn’t add much influence to the story except to stall time.

Not only did I have issues with the characters but the storyline was a problem too. It felt like the mystery/secret deadly plot that was beginning to happen was ignored until the last few chapters, by then it felt like an abrupt ending. I will give Kiersten White credit for writing a unique story with references to Egyptian mythology as that caught my attention into reading this book. I only wish that she elaborated more on the mystery of whatever evil sinister plot was involved than having the story fall flat until the ending.

My verdict: 1 hoot out of 5.


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