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Top 10 Books to Revisit on Valentines Day

Whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy, a tear-jerker, or something heartwarming, these books will sure to make you laugh, cry, and tug at your heartstrings on Valentines Day.

the novel cure

1. Novel Cure: An A-Z of Literary Remedies by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin

It’s not really a book but whether you’re lonely on Valentines or in need of a cure from heartbreak this will help ease your pain. When read at the right time a novel can change your life and with an A-Z index, the Novel Cure lists books for whatever that ails you.

the fault in our stars

2. The Fault in our Stars by John Green

A compelling story of how a terminally ill girl gives up on love, but after meeting a young boy in a support group, she learns how to love and to live. I’ll be reading this on Valentines (along with a box of tissues on hand just in case).

love poems

3. Love Poems by Pablo Naruda

A short, small book of the most sensual poems based on the popular movie Il Postino. Filled with passion, beauty, and eroticism Naruda captivates readers with earthly images of the paradise island, Capri.

granny is my wingman

4. Granny is my Wingman by Kayli Stollak

A laugh-out-load story about a twenty something year old and her granny who convinces her to do online dating.

the notebook

5. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams made us cry with their all-star performance on-screen, but make sure you read the book. A story of how love and passion can be timeless and ageless, Sparks moves us with an incredible love story that touches our hearts.

something borrowed

6. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

A novel about how a New York lawyer falls in love with her friend’s fiancé. It’s a story of betrayal and trust but once you get into it, you find yourself rooting for her, especially when the best friend is a selfish, loathing bitch. A very breezy story with a somewhat happily ever after ending that makes it a great light-hearted read.


7. Stardust by Neil Gaiman

If you love fantasy and romance than you’re going to love Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel of a young boy who travels beyond his homeland in search of a falling star to win the cold-heart of a young girl.

the night circus

8. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

A thrilling story of forbidden love as two powerful magicians are fated to battle each other that will cost either of them their life. Set in a mysterious circus that only opens at night and serves as a magnificent backdrop to this magical retelling of true love conquering all.

pride and prejudice

9. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

A classic and ageless story of opposites attract, who could forget handsome Mr. Darcy and the intelligent Elizabeth Bennet. A match that seems unlikely at first but eventually blossoms to an unforgettable love story.


10. Emma by Jane Austin

I wanted to add Emma to this list because it’s the most romantic and comedic novel of misconstrued love. A clever and spoiled girl, Emma thinks that she’ll make an excellent matchmaker until she finds an unexpected match of her own.


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