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Final Cosmetic Changes to My Blog

Good readers, you may have noticed that I have been changing, editing, and moving things around in my blog. This is because I can’t make up mind of where things should be and what other things to add to make my blog look nicer. And sometimes I do a number of editing on my pages when I don’t like how the content is worded so I end up rewriting the entire thing until I’m satisfied. But now I can breathe a sigh of relief as all those changes and switcheroo’s are finally over! Here are some revisions I made on hoot reads:

On Twitter and Facebook: 

If you look to your right you’ll notice I’ve added a Twitter feed as I LOVE to tweet all sorts of things from fun facts, news, and other articles that only book nerds are interested in. I follow a lot of people including other bloggers, readers, and publishers so often I share their stuff, as I’m the queen of retweeting! You’ll also notice that I have a Facebook page that I just made so it’s very new. I still haven’t settled on whether I should keep it but it’ll depend on how much attention it gets from my readers. I opened a page because for one obvious reason, everyone is on Facebook, and this is a great spot for me to share posts, photos, and blog updates. So if you’re on Facebook don’t forget to ‘like’ my page because it’s great and it’ll make me so happy to see that I have fans on there too!

On my About Page:

I don’t know how often my About Me page is read but if you’ve been checking back you’ll see that it’s been edited again. And again, and again, and again. I don’t know what it is about me but I find that writing a profile is one of the toughest writing assignments I had to do for this blog. At first I wasn’t sure how to write it as a formality or a fun Q&A but in the end I wrote a short, casual bio and I’m going to stick with it. So no more editing my profile page anymore. Whew.

On my Reviews:

I’ve also made slight arrangements to my Review Index as it’s now alphabetized by author. I hope you like it! So that’s it. Those are the changes to my blog that I’m making and I’m sticking with them, so no more revising, editing, and shifting things around anymore. But that’s only for the appearance of my blog. I’ve been thinking about new ideas to write about like Top Ten Tuesday or Top Picks of the Month or any fun entries to make this blog more enjoyable and relevant for my good readers. Because nothing makes me happier than knowing that my readers are having a good time here! And any big ideas that I’m sticking with will be announced for your convenience, my good readers.

I also like to thank all my readers and followers for visiting hoot reads! It’s because of you my good reader, that I’m making these changes and coming up with flashbulb ideas that I’m excited to bring forth. So once again thank you!


2 thoughts on “Final Cosmetic Changes to My Blog”

  1. A little tangential, but how successful have you been with Twitter? I’ve found it difficult to make connections with others. It seems like things happen so fast that few people see what you’re tweeting. I’m not very social-networking savvy, though 😛


    1. I just started using Twitter for this blog and I like to use it to share interesting stuff like news and updates from authors for instance. I follow Neil Gaiman and Kelley Armstrong so it’s great for following your favourite authors (although that’s one way of using Twitter).


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