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A few weeks ago, I was so excited to hear from Kelley Armstrong’s assistant that I won an ARC for Sea of Shadows through a contest, and as a bonus, the author signed it with a cheerful message addressed to me. I am VERY happy for two reasons: 1) this is my very first ARC EVER and 2) never have I had an author signing a copy of their book with my name on it so I was thrilled after turning to the first page and viola! There it was written in felt tip pen!

Sea of Shadows ARC

About the author: Kelley Armstrong is a bestselling author widely known for her YA books including the Otherworld series and Darkness Rising trilogy. Last year she started writing another trilogy called Cainsville for older adults with Omens as her first book. I also wrote a review about it and you can see it here, and the second book Visions is coming out in August. After reading Omens and her short stories, I’ve become a fan of her books and so when I heard Kelley was coming out with a new fantasy trilogy, I was really psyched! And now that I have this wonderful copy in my hands, I have another assignment to read through the weekend, so you can expect a review from me in the next week!

Sea of Shadows ARC

Are you excited for Kelley Armstrong’s new book as I am?


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