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Top Thursday: YA Authors I Haven’t Read

YA Authors

I like reading YA books now and then and after following a lot of YA book bloggers, I’ve started reading books that were highly recommended. There are authors that stand out that I haven’t read from yet, and they are a few that don’t interest me at all.

Cassandra Clare

Yes I’ve heard a lot of buzz about her Infernal Devices series, and from what I learned the conclusion of the Mortal Instruments series just came out. I’ve been iffy as to whether to read her books because I’ve had experiences where I start reading a series that’s new to me, but end up hating it in the end. So just to be on the safe side, I’ll borrow a copy from the library, and if I do end up liking it I might end up getting the boxset.

Marissa Meyer

I’ve seen her books for The Lunar Chronicles series. I admit I’m not familiar with the story but after reading a description for Cress, it sounds really science fiction-ish with cyborgs, a hacker, and an Earth invasion. I’m still not sure at this point whether to read the series.

Leigh Bardugo

I just bought Shadow and Bone this week (and for a bargain!) so I’m already on my way to reading her Grisha trilogy.

Veronica Roth

No I’ve never read her Divergent trilogy and I don’t intend to. I’m not a dystopian fan.

Kiera Cass

Since her new book The One came out I’ve been hearing so much hype from bloggers like Epic Reads. This is romantic fairy tale between America (yes, that’s a name) and a Prince. As much as I enjoy reading fairy tales I’m going to skip this one as I don’t read romance stories with love triangles in them. They’re not my taste.

Stephanie Meyer

I have no interest whatsoever on reading her Twilight series. The stories just sound really umm…cheesy.

Suzanne Collins

I’ve watched the Hunger Games movies and those were enough.

Christopher Paolini

It’s been a long time since I read books about dragons so I’m really interested in reading the Inheritance Cycle series. Fortunately for me, my sister has the books so I can borrow copies from her and see how it goes.

Kami Garcia

Beautiful Creatures is a paranormal series but I’m also going to skip this one as the story of a 16 year old girl with strange unusual powers falls in love and evil dark things start to happen doesn’t interest me one bit.

L.J. Smith

A couple of years ago I watched the Vampire Diaries on CW but now I’ve stopped watching it. But this isn’t the reason why I’m not going to read the series, it’s because there’s something about vampire teens and werewolves that really turn me off. I can’t explain it but there you go.


What other YA authors have I missed? Are there any books from authors that you haven’t read yet? I like to know!


2 thoughts on “Top Thursday: YA Authors I Haven’t Read”

  1. If you’re going for Cassandra Clare, the Infernal Devices books are much better than the Mortal Instruments, the plotting is much tighter. You should read The Hunger Games, just the first two though the third is such a disappointment!


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