Top Thursday

Top Thursday: Creative Ways to Mark your Place

A bookmark is a reader’s best friend! There are many ways to mark our places: folding a corner of a page, using paperclips, scrap paper, things that we can slip between pages. But why do that when you can use these crafty bookmarks? After doing a search on Pinterest, I came across these eye-catching bookmarks:


Bookmark Fixture

This is interesting. A bookmark that you can place on any wall in case you happen to be in the kitchen or the bedroom reading a book, you can mark you place there and voila!


Three-dimensional Bookmark

This is the largest bookmark I’ve ever seen.


Business card Bookmark

Nowadays designers are finding creative ways to make their business cards stand out. This is convenient and practical.


Brightly colored Bookmarks

I love owls and these cute bookmarks are just what I need!


BBC Sherlock Bookmark

As a fan of the British hit TV series BBC Sherlock, I approve this Benedict mark.



Now you can choose how you want to hold your place with these witty book corners.


Witty Bookmarks

Why stop at paper when you can have steel to mark you place?


Silver Bookmark

For the literary lover, here we have a metal bookmark quoting the words of Shakespeare.


Fuzzy Bookmark

This footsy bookmark just put a smile on my face.


Sprout Bookmarks

A garden of placeholders that sprouts where you left off.



2 thoughts on “Top Thursday: Creative Ways to Mark your Place”

  1. What great ideas! I love the fuzzy feet! I tend to use clothes price tags; you get some really pretty ones with ribbons nowadays and it seems a shame to just throw them away.


    1. I know right? There are so many ways you can make your own bookmarks. I on the other hand keep getting free bookmarks at my local store so I never run out.


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