Book Review

Review: Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

darkness becomes her by kelly keaton

Published: February 22, 2013

Number of pages: 273

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Genre: mystery, paranormal fantasy, murder, romance

Rating: YA

Verdict: 2 owl hoots out of 5


Ari can’t help feeling lost and alone. She searches for her birth mother but hits a dead end. Left behind is a letter warning her to stay away from New Orleans but that doesn’t stop Ari from going against her wishes to uncover secrets about her family. By the time she arrives to the vibrant town, Ari discovers that every living creature including the horrifying ones are all afraid of her but she still goes on to find the truth about herself.

My Review:

I went over to Coles bookstore and found this in the bargain books section. They were selling it for only $2 and as the story seemed promising I ended up buying it. After spending a few days reading it at home I was slightly disappointed with some characters but the story was really interesting with some thrilling battle scenes.

What I thought was a stand-alone book is actually the first book in a trilogy. A story of Ari who is not your normal orphan girl brought up in foster care, and spent her whole life questioning where she came from and who she really is. The characters are a great mix of witches, vampires, monsters, and Greek gods all settled in New Orleans while gearing up for the battle between good and evil. Ari is caught in the middle of it all as she discovers her true identity and the curse that is passed down in her family. There were some rushed up moments in the story including the romance between Ari and Sebastian. I thought their relationship wasn’t well executed, as one minute they hate each other and the next minute they fall head over heels in love.

I have a love/hate relationship with Ari as she’s a tough, confident, and was taught self-defense by her foster parents. She’s not someone who you want to mess with or underestimate in a fight and that’s what I like about her. But what I find hard to believe is how Ari can accept that there’s a curse in her family line but not the supernatural and paranormal occurrences that are happening in New Orleans. So she believes in a centuries-old curse but not vampires, witches, magic, and secret societies? On the other hand, I absolutely loved the battle scenes mixed with intense moments of vampires, creatures, and witches fighting together against the Greek god, Athena who is the evil badass villain in the story.

Overall it was a pretty good book and I’m still intent on finishing the trilogy. I also thought that as the first book in a series ended well with a cliffhanger.


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