Top Thursday

Top Thursday: Where do I buy my Books?

I’m a booknerd who goes on bargain hunts for cheap books. But when there’s a huge sale at Chapters, I can go a little crazy and what began as a bargain hunt turns into a shopping spree. I think all booknerds can relate to this problem whether we’re walking into a store or online shopping at Chapters Indigo. Below are some places where I buy my books and still save money!

Supporting my local bookstores 

I LOVE shopping at my independent bookstores where I can find used-but-in-good-condition books at a cheaper price. I encourage myself to shop at independent bookstores as more of them are going out of business these days, which is a real shame. Independent bookstores are a great place to trade in your books in exchange for store credit to buy new books! And if you were looking for ways to boycott Amazon, your neighbourhood bookstore would be the best place to shop.


Book sales

I found out that my library sells books they no longer loan to patrons for only 25 cents! And recently I found out that another public library was hosting a sidewalk sale for used books donated by the community. Fancy that! So the next time you’re at the local library, ask if they’re having a sale so you can get books that are dirt cheap.

Grocery stores, dollar stores, you name it!

Normally I don’t go to grocery stores and Shoppers Drug Mart to get books, as it never occurred to me they would sell them for a bargain. Until I found Hollow City by Ransom Riggs for only 40% at Superstore! Since then I’ve added ‘check grocery stores, drug stores, and dollar stores for cheap books’ onto my list.

bargain book

Bargain hunting at the Big Box bookstore

When going to Chapters I immediately make a beeline to the bargain section. Sometimes they have good deals like 3 for $15 or $5 on hardcovers so it’s definitely worth the trip.


Goodreads, ARC giveaways, need I say more?

If you’re a Goodreads member take advantage of their ARC giveaways. If you get lucky (like I did this month) then you might receive a free ARC from the publisher. I know this isn’t the same as buying books but who can say no to a free ARC?

arc copy


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