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Which We Celebrate hoot reads Anniversary (and I’m on YouTube)

Hello good readers!

If you’re reading this blog after the weekend, you must’ve noticed the brand new layout. As this month marks the 1 year anniversary of my bookish blog, I wanted to celebrate with something new. This has been on my to-do list for awhile since I’m been looking for ways to have social media links on my home page. And since I couldn’t do that on my previous layout I had to change. As usual I’m on Twitter and Facebook, but you can also find me on Pinterest and surprisingly, YouTube! But sadly, the layout doesn’t include a Goodreads link and since I’m not an HTML expert, I have no idea how to add that onto my blog. But you can still follow me on Goodreads just by clicking on the ‘Currently Reading’ box at the sidebar.

Where I describe how I became a booktuber…

For the past few months I’ve been following booktubers,  who talk nothing else but books on YouTube. After watching and subscribing to channels including Giselle of Book Nerd Canada and The YA Bookworm, I have come to conclusion that what booktubers are doing looks really fun! Then I decided to become a newbie booktuber and just last week, I uploaded my first booktube video with another one after. As this is the first time I’ve ever been on YouTube, I’m really nervous (not sure why, but that’s just how I feel but the butterflies have flown and now I’m really excited about this!). Below are the videos that I made where I reveal new books that I bought for May (and I’m well aware of my head cutting off and the poor quality as I’m a new at iMovie and my webcam. My apologizes for that).

UPDATE: I quit being a booktuber after learning that I need to invest on some other recoding equipment and time in filming and editing my videos, which I did not have the energy to do. Thus ending my days as a booktuber which was short lived. Sorry guys but after some serious thought, I learned that being a booktuber just isn’t me.

So come and celebrate with me my blog’s 1 year anniversary as I wouldn’t have continued with this project if it weren’t for all your support! Thank you all so much for being such great readers and I look forward to another year to come!


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