Book Review

Review: Love by the Morning Star by Laura Sullivan

love by the morning star by laura sullivan

*I received an ARC from the publisher in advance. Therefore this is an honest review and no monetary exchange was involved. 

Published: June 3, 2013

Number of pages: 320

Format: ARC paperback

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Genre: romantic comedy, historical fiction

Rating: YA

Verdict: 2 owl hoots out of 5


In 1938 Germany, two girls are sent to a country estate in England for entirely different reasons. Hannah raise in a cabaret is half-Jewish and is asked by her mother to visit her distant relatives in the estate of the Starkers. Anna, a grocer’s daughter is sent there by her father as a spy for the German Nazi’s. But when both girls arrive, things go dreadfully wrong until it goes very right!

My Review:

I received an ARC from Goodreads after winning one of their giveaways last month. While reading the story it reminded me of Downtown Abbey if turned into a romantic comedy. I had a few chuckles but overall, I thought the book was alright.

There are two main characters: Hannah and Anna although I felt that Hannah was the main character as the story focused on her and the evolving relationship with Teddy. I also liked her better than the rest of the cast, as she was the strongest and most interesting woman in the story. Raised and a performer at her parent’s cabaret Hannah is talented, intelligent, and strong-willed. It was hard for me to like Anna, as she is selfish and ignorant although most of the time, I hated her because she does nothing to make things right for Hannah.

The romance between Hannah and Teddy was pretty cute although I was frustrated how Teddy couldn’t tell between her and Anna as if their personalities weren’t obvious. But I was also irritated of how the story ended in a neat little bow for everyone and left a few unanswered questions, particularly the relationship between Anna and the gardener. I was also upset of how Hannah chose to forgive Anna for being deceitful and still managed to take away her life with the Starkers, and in the end Anna still got want she wanted in the beginning.

As I mentioned earlier the book turned out alright for me, but I still had issues with some of the characters and there were a few plot holes. But I did enjoy reading the romance and the comedy in the story, and was glad how things turned out happily for Hannah and Teddy.


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