Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

Shadow Scale

Fall is approaching and more and more cover reveals are popping up for next year. Personally I feel like I’m behind on a series I haven’t started yet and these covers are a reminder of how behind I am. Like Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina series in which I haven’t read the book yet even though it’s all tucked up in my bookcase somewhere.

Today on Twitter I found out that Amazon and Goodreads were kind enough to spread the news about her second book, Shadow Scale set to release next spring on March 2015. I’ve written in my own words the synopsis for the sequel:

There’s an uneasy balance in the kingdom of Goredd, a world where dragons and humans live together. Seraphina is part girl and part dragon involved in the politics of the world. But war breaks out between the races and Seraphina must run off and find those like herself so they can fight together with the dragons. Things become harder for Seraphina when humans try to stop her until they learn of another half dragon, one who can creep into other people’s minds, making them vulnerable and weak. Seraphina has her own gift but will she choose to run away from her old life or embrace a new destiny?

At least the sequel doesn’t come out until next spring so I still have time to read the first book! *breathes a sigh of relief*

Pre-order is available on Amazon and Chapters Indigo. Add the book in Goodreads.


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