Book Review

Review: The Creeps by John Connolly

the creeps by john connolly

Published: Oct 22, 2013

Number of pages: 319

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Emily Bestler Books

Genre: fantasy, mystery, apocalypse

Rating: YA

Verdict: 5 owl hoots out of 5


Samuel returns safely to Biddlecombe and things turn out smoothly. He’s still got Boswell for company and his demon friend Nurd is staying at the Johnson family house. And Samuel has also started dating Lucy Highmore the most popular girl in school. But things rarely turn out normal in Biddlecombe. Shadows are gathering and there are witnesses of a mysterious ghost lurking at night, and on top of that, a strange new store called Wreckit & Sons is preparing for its grand opening. By the time they open their doors, Samuel, Boswell, the dwarves, and the policemen are faced with a terrifying surprise involving the fate of the Multiverse.

My Review:

After reading The Infernals I immediately went for this book to see how the trilogy ends. And what a finale! Everyone is back in this stunning conclusion: Mr. Merrywheather Dan the ice cream man and his dwarves, the bumbling policemen, Shan and Gath, and even Spiggit’s beer plays an important role. If you’re going to end the series with a bang, you might as well use Spiggit’s Old Resentful! Careful as the beverage contains the following warning: open at your own risk. Seriously stand well back  and do not open near a flame.

Yes! Finally answers as to why the portal opened in Biddlecombe. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but it turns out it was a sinister plot by a crazy architect. Mrs Abernathy also makes a debut, as she continues plotting her revenge on poor Samuel. Even after what happened she’s still able to find her way to Biddlecombe hoping that once and for all, she gets her vengeance on the human child. But Mrs. Abernathy is in for a surprise as she gets her just desserts.

Every character that made an appearance in the last two books returns, and I love how each of them plays a role as Samuel, Boswell, and Nurd join forces in an epic battle to save Biddlecombe. The brave team goes against a dark army of creepy flammable elves, evil Christmas toys, mad talking reindeer, and a giant doll with a fondness for spiders. Even Samuel’s friends return as they make a startling discovery about Biddlecombe that ties to the surprise attack. But the shadows are in for a surprise as Samuel and his friends save the Multiverse from total destruction.

I had so much fun reading this series! The colorful narration, the humor, and the bumbling cast of characters including a ragtag gang of dwarves. I also thought the series ended with a charming note as Samuel and Nurd are still the best of friends. This trilogy was so worth reading!


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