Book Review

Review: Heartless by Gail Carriger

heartless by gail carriger

Published: July 1, 2011

Number of pages: 374

Format: paperback

Publisher: Orbit

Genre: fantasy, mystery, steampunk, paranormal, supernatural

Rating: older adults

Verdict: 4 owl hoots out of 5


Lady Maccon (still soulless) faces more trouble but this time, it’s not her fault. When a mad ghost appears and warns her about a surprise attack for the Queen, Alexia follows the trail. A trail she learns, that leads to her husband’s past into a giant mechanical weapon, a plague of zombie porcupines, and a sister who has joined the suffragette movement! All of this happening while Alexia is 8 months pregnant!

My Review:

Poor Alexia! I really feel sorry for her as trouble always seems to find a way to her, even though she’s not the one causing it. In the fourth book Alexia finds herself once again, saving someone from a surprise attack that was absolutely uncalled for. But Alexia learns to be a lady during these tricky situations including a discovery of a potentially dangerous mechanical weapon, and an invite to a stylish party with the queen of the vampire hive.

It seems that everyone is twisting Alexia’s arm, even her bumbling best friend Ivy Tunstell, a rookie actress proves that she is not as clueless as her friend had her to believe. And her sister, Felicity made a shocking appearance as she shares a scandalous secret that even Alexia has trouble accepting. I on the other hand, almost fainted in disbelief! And in style of course. But let’s not forget about Alexia’s infant inconvenience who continues to um, inconvenient her mother even in the most dire circumstances.

Madame LeFoux never ceases to surprise me with her inventions although this time, she plays a much bigger role and becomes entangled with the vampires of London. She’s not only an intelligent engineer/inventor but also a modern woman ahead of her time. But sometimes I wonder which side she’s on as its unknown to Alexia and us about what her motives are. After we learn about a secret underground society who hopes to save humanity from the supernatural, this has led to a series of conflicts involving Alexia, as she’s the only preternatural in London. Which begs to question: Is Madame LeFoux with them or against them?

But enough of idle speculation! Let’s talk about the infant inconvenience that has brought poor Alexia into unsuspected mood swings, shocking appetites, and um physically slowing her down. All while she tries to save London and the Queen from a sinister plot (very bad timing indeed). But motherhood isn’t always easy especially when Alexia learns of her daughter’s unmistakable (and questionable) nature. I told you this series was full or shocking surprises! So many dangerous character twists and juicy secrets and yet, Alexia still knows how to remain a lady in these situations. And did I forget to mention that there’s still treacle tart? Well that’s a relief!

I can’t wait to read the finale, Timeless!


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