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Top Thursday: New Series to be Read:

new series

Last week I made a post about series that I have not finished yet, and so this week I made a list of TBR (to be read) new series that I like to get started on. After a quick glance at my Goodreads shelf, here’s a list I’ve quickly written out.

The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman  After watching the trailer released from Buzzfeed where literary stars including Neil Gaiman and Erin Morgenstern make an appearance to read aloud the first passage in his new book, The Magician’s Land, I was so moved that I went and added the first book in my Goodreads shelf.

Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill I didn’t know this was the first book in a series until I learned that the sequel Queen of the Dark Things came out this year.

The Oversight trilogy by Charlie Fletcher A new series that came out this year!

The Map of Time series by Felix J. Palma There are 3 reasons why I want to read this series: 1)   it has time traveling 2)   set in Victorian London 3)   a hero’s mission to save literary classics WITH time traveling

The Summoning series by Kelley Armstrong I don’t think I’ve read any of her younger adult series…yet.

The Madman’s Daughter series by Megan Shepherd  There are two books in the series so far as her final book, A Cold Legacy comes out next year. I first heard about the series from a couple of other bloggers who reviewed the books. It’s a gothic/horror story for younger adults and since I haven’t read a good gothic book in a long time, I decided to start with this one.

The Girl of Fire and Thorn series by Rae Carson  This is a high fantasy series for younger adults and I first heard about this one from bloggers and authors including Sarah Raasch of Snow Like Ashes who commented that it’s a great one.

Incarnate series by Jodi Meadows I’m only starting this one because I found the first book on sale for $2 at Chapters Indigo.

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey A series warned as too horrifying and gory. Checkmark. Added.

I only listed 9 because those are the new series that I would like to start soon and haven’t been mentioned in previous posts. What new series are you eager to start with?


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