Cover Reveal

Cover Release: The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

The Wicked will Rise

Behold this new cover and all its glory!

Dorothy Must Die fans are pleased when Epic Reads tweeted the cover for Danielle Paige’s sequel The Wicked will Rise which is set to release on March 30, 2015.

There’s not much we know about the story except that Amy and her allies of the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked continue their mission to save Oz, Dorothy the bitchy queen is missing, and all the magic in Oz is completely out of whack. Not many hints or details here but Danielle sure likes to keep her readers in the shadows. Not even USA Today can fool her into revealing any more juicy bits about the plot. So we’ll just have to wait patiently even though March 2015 feels so far away!

We DO know that Amy will be exploring more of Oz which also means there’ll be new characters! Danielle hints of an appearance from General Jinjur and her all-girl army and we’ll take a deep look at the wingless monkey country. But these aren’t your happy original 1940s Oz characters as a lot has changed since then. And as Amy travels through Oz she learns to master her magical abilities along with the  romance blossoming between her and Nox. Oooh la la!

I’m really curious about the witchy silhouette. Does this mean that there’s a new good/bad witch in town? Or will one of the witches from the Order play a significant role in the next book? So many question! Can hardly wait until the book comes out!



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