Book Review

Review: Timeless by Gail Carriger



Published: March 1, 2012

Number of pages: 386

Format: paperback

Publisher: Orbit Books

Genre: steampunk, dark fantasy, romance, adventure, supernatural, paranormal

Audience: older adults

Rating: 2.5 owl hoots out of 5







Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon is in domestic bliss. But nothings ever the same when there’s a God Breaker Plague on the loose and her precocious daughter is turning the supernatural all willy-nilly. The Maccons travel to Egypt for answers after they’re invited to see an ancient vampire queen, but they’re maybe more mysteries than answers. Speaking of mysteries, how on Earth has Ivy become a popular actress? My oh my!

My Review:

I am so glad that I finally finished this series as it took me almost a year to complete. Yes you heard that right. I loved reading the adventures of Alexia Tarrabotti as she travels around Europe and Egypt investigating secrets and mysteries with danger following her everywhere. Poor Alexia. Sometimes I wonder why she can’t have a break but I guess as a preternatural, one has to learn to think and act quickly even in the most dire of situations, especially when there’s vampires, werewolves, and mechanical creatures causing havoc in London. I was really excited to read this because I wanted to see how the series was going to end. But to my surprise, it didn’t end in a way I expected.

First let’s start with the pros. I was surprised to see Biffy playing a larger role in the story as the Woolsey pack undergoes some serious changes. Biffy started out as just a pup but it turns out there’s a lot of wolf in him and hidden talents that earn him a place at the top of the pack. We also see some werewolf romance that was also slightly hinted in the last book. I found the romance to be absolutely adorable but also shocking as this was a different time and who would have thought that there would be chemistry between these handsome devils? I won’t say anything more as I’m making an effort not to reveal any romantic spoilers, but I will say that Gail’s style of paranormal romance is definitely her forte.

I also found it amusing of how Lord and Lady Maccon’s daughter, Prudence has the ability to change the supernatural at random. As a toddler she has no idea of the dangerous side effects but her antics were hilarious, including her distaste for bathing. I absolutely adore Prudence and how she manages to come to the solution of a dire problem in Egypt. For a preternatural toddler she is very intelligent and clearly as her mother’s and father’s qualities.

Now for the cons. To be honest, I found the plot of the story to be surprisingly weak. It’s an interesting turn of events as the Maccon family travels to Egypt for the first time, meeting with hive queen while learning more about Lord Tarrabotti’s history. But compared to the other books, I wasn’t completely drawn in as it took until the last five chapters for the story to finally become interesting as we see a major battle scene that led to a shocking turn of events for our dear characters. But the biggest problem I had is how the story ended. I felt that the conclusion of the series finished with open-ended questions instead of tying some loose knots.

Timeless was published in 2012 so I can’t help but wonder if Gail purposefully ended the series this way to pave a new direction for her upcoming series starring Prudence. Perhaps will see more of our characters in Parasol Protectorate but we’ll have to wait and see until 2015.


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