Book Review

Review: A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall


Published: August 26, 2014

Number of pages: 244

Format: paperback

Publisher: Swoon Reads

Genre: contemporary, romance

Audience: YA

Rating: 1 owl hoot out of 5


Lea and Gabe go to the same college, the same creative writing class, order the same Chinese food, and are fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Their friends, family, professor, Starbucks barista, and even the bus driver all think they make a great couple. The only problem: they are too shy to even talk to each other. Introducing a romantic story about two love birds that deserve each other, and is told by 14 different points of views.

My Review:

I’ve never read a story told in 14 different POVs and I was curious as to how this was going to pull together without loosing the reader. The story sounded pretty cute and I already heard from other readers of how adorable the couple is. So I borrowed a copy from the library, and thank goodness I did because I wouldn’t want to keep this book in my personal shelf. Here’s why.

The good thing is that I didn’t get lost from following the story, even with 14 different POVs. In each POV we see the thoughts and feelings of every character watching Lea and Gabe get together in different scenarios. This also includes inanimate objects like a bench (yes, you read that right) and a cheeky squirrel that happens to be a great listener. Although how a squirrel can understand the human language is beyond me. And why tell a story in the angle of a bench who likes butts? I found that absurd.

I love reading romance but I also love seeing the chemistry build up between the couple. Gabe and Lea on the other hand, didn’t seem like they had chemistry. I felt like it was more of a story about two shy people with the same interests but can barely talk to each other. I actually wished there was an elevator scene so that Gabe and Lea are stuck together for hours and are forced to talk. It took a very long time for them to finally speak and make contact, so I was really impatient for the first half of the story. I finally understood why Gabe was so sensitive and shy but I still felt like I wanted to kick him so that he could have at least the slightest bit of courage to ask Lea out on a date.

This story really tested my patience and although I admit having an ‘aawww’ moment with Gabe’s back story, I felt like the story was dragging itself. And I also thought that the creative writing professor was a tad obsessive over her students getting together.

Overall, not the greatest love story I’ve ever read. I’m definitely going to pass on this one but if you like reading cute and fluffy puppy love stories, then feel free to read this one.


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