Book Review

Review: A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton

a beautiful evil by kelly keaton

Published: February 21, 2012

Number of pages: 287

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Genre: paranormal, supernatural, romance, Greek mythology

Audience: YA

Rating: 4 owl hoots out of 5


When Ari arrived to New 2, not only did she learn about her mother’s past, but her true identity and the eternal curse that has been haunting her family for centuries. Ari is a descendent of Medusa and the goddess Athena is eager to possess the evil power within her. But Ari is determine to fight back as she continues her training, and her relationship with vampire warlock, Sebastian. Things are getting really intense when Ari is willing to defeat Athena to save her friends and her humanity.

My Review:

The first book was decent and I absolutely loved Ari’s backstory. The mystery of her identity and goddess nature was an eye-opener. And who would have thought that Athena could be such a bad ass? She totally kicks butt and has all the makings of a villain in addition to the black leather suit she wears. But the sequel was waayyyy better than the first book! I loved the action, the intense battle scenes, but most importantly, we get to see Athena in her own environment. At first Athena’s motive against Ari was clear as day, but it turns out there is another layer underneath as we dive deeper into Athena’s history.

I was glad that many of my questions from the first book were answered here, but I was more relieved when I noticed how Ari and Sebastian evolved from pre-mature kids to grown up warriors with powerful abilities that they learn to control and master. The story begins where we left off and from there we see how Ari trains to be a warrior goddess. Her character improves significantly as her determination to take down Athena and protect her friends are a major effect on her training. Ari has grown a long way since her arrival to New 2 and so has her relationship with Sebastian. Both he and Ari equally stand as lead characters in this story as Athena, the manipulating witch tests their relationship to their breaking point.

As much as I admire the good guys, I have to give Athena credit for being the most villainous, wicked, cruel, and conniving evildoer that I ever had the pleasure to read about. She is always one step ahead of her enemies, but Athena can be egotistic and over confident of her abilities. I was also really impressed with the epic battle scene between Athena and her minions against the supernatural society of New 2 like it was the clash of the Titans. But that was nothing compared to the one-on-one between Athena and Ari, which was really extreme as they’re both fierce warriors with their own Achilles heel. This is more than a good vs. evil story. There are so many layers within the characters, more secrets revealed behind Athena’s past, and a much darker mystery behind the Novem.

I was really surprised as to how the sequel turned out so I’m eager to find out how it ends between Athena and Ari in the finale.


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