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Top Tuesday: Top Ten Books/Movies to Read or Watch to get in the Halloween Spirit

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Top Tuesday is a weekly meme/event hosted by the wonderful bloggers of The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is top books or movies to read and/or watch for Hallows Eve!

From murder to horror and revenge to bloodshed, so many terrifying stories to cozy up in the dark. And with only 3 more days to Halloween what better way to celebrate all things scary by sitting back, relax, handle the book in one hand and the flashlight on the other and be ready to scare your pants off with these frightening picks!

1. Horns by Joe Hill 

I haven’t read this one yet and I really want to before I watch the movie! This is a story about a hell raiser who grows horns, hears the sins of others, and seeks revenge of the killer who murdered his girlfriend. I hope the movie is as devilishly good as the book.

2. Mortal Danger by Anne McGuire 

I just started reading this book and it’s a twist between ‘revenge of the nerds’ and Faust. A schoolgirl who vows revenge of the beautiful people of Blackbriar Academy sounds harmless right? Not unless you add a Devil who offers favors with a killer price. Things turn out ugly when her revenge turns more bloody than she expected.

3. A Collection of Short Stories by Edgar Ellen Poe

A master of Gothic stories oozing with macabre, murder, and bone chilling madness! Totally suitable for Halloween (just make sure you read The House of Usher with the lights on).

4. Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman

A collection of short stories about creatures that go bump in the night.

5. The Gates by John Connolly

Ok so this isn’t really a terrifying story but it does have demons, gates of Hell and the world under attack by Satan and his allies. All this started by a boy and his daschund who witness their neighbors opening the portal to Hell before the night of Halloween.

6. Birdbox by Josh Malerman

I could not tear my eyes away from this book for a second! A world plague by something that can kill just be being seen so what do we do? Lock the doors, close the blinds, and whatever you do don’t look at it!

7. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

It’s a book about a boy walking into a graveyard period

8. Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd

Something spooky this way comes in this sequel of the Madman’s Daughter series as Juliet continues to escape from her father’s horrific legacy with…the dead! 

9. Made for You by Melissa Marr

I heard that this is a crime-thrilling novel about a girl stalked by a serial killer who leaves her flowers after committing a murder. Um creepy?

10. The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey

In folklore, a wendigo is a person transformed into a monster after consuming human flesh. Oh and there are vampires in here too.


So there you have it! My top picks for Halloween this year so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Happy Halloween my fellow readers. What will you be reading this Oct. 31?


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