Book Review

Review: The Wicked Within by Kelly Wheaton

the wicked within by kelly wheaton

Published: September 13, 2013

Number of pages: 280

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Genre: contemporary, supernatural, paranormal, Greek myths, romance

Audience: YA

Rating: 5 owl hoots out of 5


After temporarily defeating Athena, Ari continues her training and the search for secrets behind Athena’s past. She now has a mission to accomplish: find the Hands of Zeus before it’s too late as Athena is quickly recovering from her last fight. After following a trail of blood and diving deep into Novem territory, Ari must protect her friends and Sebastian as rumors of an ancient power comes to New 2.

My Review:

Holy crap this was one of the best paranormal Greek inspired YA series I have read! I mean the cliffhanger from the sequel was one thing but the ending to this book was AMAZING! When reading a series, I like to have everything come together with no holes or gaps anywhere, which is why I was so relieved when all of my questions where answered in this stunning finale.

Remembered how I often said that Athena was a real bitch? Well I was proved wrong after witnessing a side of her that I never knew she even had: humanity. Everyone has his and her own weakness and Athena’s was exposed like an open wound after Ari finds the Hands of Zeus and the dark secret that the Goddess of War has been hiding after all these centuries.

Clearly Ari has grown up since she first arrived to New Orleans, facing obstacles and struggling to accept her new identity. One of her biggest challenges was keeping her relationship with Sebastian after what happened in the sequel. Things change as Sebastian is a completely different person now causing a lot of stress and tension between him and Ari. And yet they still manage to work together on finding the Hands and fighting their way through Athena’s circle of friends.

Speaking of fights, we are talking about the most intensified, apocalyptic battle that has ever hit New Orleans! The war between gods and the supernaturals was like the battle of the Titans as there was so much blood spatter everywhere as Athena’s family and her minions tear the city and the Novem apart. I loved every moment in this final installment, and my heart was racing like crazy during the epic battle between Athena’s family and Ari. I’m a huge fan of Greek inspired stories and I have read books that failed to impress me, but this was the best page turning series I’ve read.


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