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Top Tuesday: Top Ten Books that I wouldn’t mind Santa Bringing me this Year

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Damn it’s been a long time since I put up a blog post. Please excuse my long absence, as I been so busy and stressed with work that I haven’t had the time to read or blog. But now that I’m off for the holidays I can finally use the 8 hours a day to catch up on some holiday reading and I should be back in business.

I still haven’t finished reading my books yet so I’m returning to my weekly ritual starting with today’s Top Tuesday: Top Ten Books that I wouldn’t mind Santa bringing me this year.

So let’s begin!

1. Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch 

This is one of the books that I asked my sister to get me this year!

2. Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis 

As you know, I love reading fairy tale inspired books. This particular one caught my eye because of its sci-fi nature but with a Snow White twist.

3. The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey 

An adult fiction novel based on a Russian fairy tale about a couple that makes a child out of snow and it comes to life. This sounds like a perfect book to curl up indoors with a nice cup of hot coco.

4. The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson 

I am embarrassed to admit that I bought the first book The Girl of Fire and Thorns months ago but as to this day, I still haven’t read it yet. I’m working on it though. I really really am.

5. Every Breath by Ellie Marney 

A YA book with a Sherlock Holmes inspired story.

6. The Magician’s King by Lev Grossman

I had mixed feelings for the first book The Magicians. I didn’t hate but I didn’t like it either. Perhaps this is one of those series where the story gets better along the way so I am willing to read the sequel just to see how the story goes.

7. The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld 

I read a library copy, loved it, and now I like a copy of my own.

8. Dangerous Women by George RR Martin

An anthology with short stories about dangerous women! Yes please!

9. Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot and Edward Gorey

I love cats so reading a collection of playful poems about cats with illustrations by Edward Gorey is a purrfect gift for the holidays.

10. Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth

I’m currently reading a library copy but I’m starting to think I should have bought my own instead. This is a historical fiction novel inspired by the fairy tale Repunzel. The story and characters are so richly detailed that I’m enjoying every word of it so far, and I wouldn’t mind someone putting this book under my tree!

So there you have it! A list as to what books I like to have for Christmas this year. But sometimes people find it easier to just give me a Chapters gift card instead. 😉

Happy Holidays good readers!


4 thoughts on “Top Tuesday: Top Ten Books that I wouldn’t mind Santa Bringing me this Year”

    1. Thanks Charnell! You’re going to love Aristotle and Dante. The story just blew me away and I felt an emotional connection with one of the characters. The story is really deep and is told with simplicity. One of the best books of the year! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 😉


    1. Thanks Danica! I looked at your list and I think you’re going to love Kiss of Deception. I read it already and I’m waiting for the sequel to come out.

      And thanks for letting me know about your cool giveaway. Sadly I don’t do online shopping as I prefer the bookstore experience and the feel of the books before I buy them. That’s just me! =)

      Happy Holidays!


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