Book Review

Review: Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger

waistcoats and weaponry by gail carriger

Published: November 4, 2014

Number of pages: 298

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Little Brown

Genre: mystery, supernatural, romance, paranormal, steampunk, adventure

Audience: YA

Rating: 4/5 owl hoots


Class is back in session in this third installment to the Finishing School series! Sophronia and her friends continue their education but Sophronia is in for a treat as she chooses a fashionably steel-bladed fan that a lady can stitch to her corset. But things change when Sidheag receives startling news from Scotland and is summoned to return to her pack at once. So Sophronia and her friends accompany her including her admirers Soap and Lord Mersay. But when everyone is in mortal danger Sophronia must make the toughest choice that will cost her freedom.

My Review:

The whole gang is here and ready for another adventure! But not in Miss Geraldine’s floating school dirigible, this time Sophronia and her girls are traveling into Scotland! For the first time, we get to see Sophronia outside her environment and into foreign territory aided with a steel bladed fan that she can tuck into her corset (even ladies know how to arm themselves in style).

What I love about this story is that we finally get to see some romance blooming! But it’s a love triangle as Sophronia is travelling together with Lord Mersay and her best friend Soap. Daggers are thrown as the Lord and the sootie stand off against each other to win Sophronia’s hand, while the poor lady is stuck in the middle trying to work things out between the two. The chemistry between these three is hysterically funny and I loved the scenes when these two boys use only their wits to square against each other.

Sophronia has grown a lot since she first started at Miss Geraldine’s. She is a mature lady discovering new emotions while trying to sort out her feelings, but most importantly she begins to wonder what it is she wants to do in life after graduation. Will she become a spy for the government or marry a nice young man and settle down like her friend Dimity wishes to do? There are so many things she needs to figure out for herself, but at least there’s still time until the final book comes out!

And what an ending! There’s not one but two shocking turn of events that will change things for Sophronia when she returns to Miss Geraldine’s Finishing School next term. The more reason to wait until the fourth book is released! I only gave this a 4/5 rating because something tells me the final book is going to be better and exciting.


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