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Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

fangirl by rainbow rowell

Published: September 10 2013

Number of pages: 427

Format: hardcover

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Genre: contemporary, romance, sisterhood, fan fiction, coming-of-age

Audience: YA

Rating: 5/5 owl hoots


Cath is a Simon Snow fan and she’s been writing fanficiton her whole life. Her twin sister Wren has been with her for every Simon Snow moment from hanging out in Simon Snow forums to dressing up for the movie premiere. Wren has grown out of fan fiction except for Cath who refuses to let it go. Now they are in college and things have changed between the two. Wren doesn’t want to be roommates and Cath is outside her comfort zone as she meets a charming boyfriend, and a fiction writing professor who believes that fan fiction is the end of the civilized world…and her dad who she doesn’t want to leave alone.

Can Cath really do this? Being on her own in college? Can she make it through the semester without Wren on her side and most importantly, can Cath leave Simon Snow behind?

My Review:

There is only one reason why I read this book: because everyone kept talking about it last year. I have seen this book everywhere including social media with tweets on how great this book is. So I decided to join the bandwagon and picked up Fangirl when I saw it on sale at Book Warehouse. I really wanted to like this book because everyone kept saying how good it is after reading the reviews. Unfortunately this always doesn’t turn out well as I have read books with so much hype and they end up disappointing me. But Fangirl was different.

Cath’s story brought me back to my college years when I often wondered if I could make it through alone while going outside my comfort zone. The only difference between Cath and me is that I’m not a writer nor have I ever read fan fiction, and Cath is a really great writer! Her success with Carry On, Simon Snow is proof of that including the hundreds of hits she has on her blog everyday. Cath loves Simon Snow and has lived in his world her whole entire life since the day her mother left. Since then, her personal life has spiraled out of control but she and Wren have both made it through by reading Simon Snow and his world of mages.

That’s what I love about reading: you’re completely absorbed into a different world that is not our own and you often imagine what it’s like living it. You’re pulled away from reality until you feel safe in this other world that someone else created. This is how Cath feels and it’s no wonder she finds it hard to write something outside her Simon Snow comfort zone. It’s a real challenge for any writer to write something other then what they’re used to already, and with so many distractions with her dad, and her terrible mother, and that jerk Nick, its no wonder Cath has such a big struggle. But like every writer, she eventually learns to find the right words until the whole story spills out like a runaway train.

From the first day of college to her father’s mental breakdowns and to every sisterly fight, Cath managed to put things together not only by herself, but also with her new friends and the charming Levi who’s shown interest in Cath since day one. Levi is a great guy as he is sweet, charming, and not a book person. Yes you heard that correctly. I was like “what the f*** are you serious?” because this is the first time I heard someone admitting that they are not a book person. But I learned to let that go after learning how supportive Levi can be; he really is a sweet and reliable guy.

It’s a great coming-of-age story about a college girl obsessed with fan fiction and how she struggles to write something real for her fiction writing class, while overcoming all sorts of obstacles in her life. I admit to enjoying the story like everyone else did and this was one book that didn’t disappoint me.


2 thoughts on “Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell”

  1. I can totally relate to this post… I picked this book up after all the hype, thinking it was going to be super cheesy, but I fell in love with the characters. They are so relatable to all of us bookworms. 🙂


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