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Waiting on Wednesday: A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine where book nerds share newly anticipated books that we are all excited for! Today I am happy to announce the sequel to the Darker Shade of Magic series by VE Schwab: A Gathering of Shadows! I also want to say thank you to Victoria for bringing to our attention the cover reveal yesterday, making her fans jump up and down with joy and excitement as we catch a first glimpse of the sequel!

A Gathering of Shadows FinalNotice the bloody red hands that stretch out, and the minute details of a map (possibly Red London) carved in each arm, and oh my God, isn’t that Delilah Bard on the center?!! I absolutely love her costume dressed up as a full-blown privateer, including her captain’s hat and twin daggers. Wicked cool! And what’s this? A synopsis to go with it too? Ok that’s probably to be expected anyways because why reveal the cover and title without the storyline? Another reason to have fans dying of excitement right? So without further ado, here’s the storyline to A Gathering of Shadows:

Four months have passed since Kell discovered the black stone, and since the Dane twins were killed. Four months since Kell cast Holland’s corpse through the door with the black stone with him. In some ways things have returned back to normal in Red London with a few exceptions. Kell is plagued by guilt and gives up smuggling, Rhy is becoming sober, and Lila…well the last time we saw her she had already parted ways for more adventures to endeavor. In the meantime Red London prepares for the international competition of magic called the Element Games to keep ties between neighboring countries close and intact, bringing back old friends to see the competition including a familiar pirate ship. 

But while Red London is caught up with all the excitement of the games, another London is coming back to life; one believed to been forgotten for ages until it returns. It seems that Black London is rising meaning that another London must fall.

Why I’m waiting: So after learning about the cover reveal and spreading the news on social media yesterday morning, it suddenly dawned on me. The expected publication is February 23 2016. That’s right 12 more months of agony as ADSOM fans patiently wait for the sequel to appear. Sucks right? And one of the many common problems booknerds has to endure when starting a new series. But as we count off the days until the sequel is released, here are my reasons as to why I am anxiously waiting for A Gathering of Shadows.

  1. I haven’t been this excited for a new fantasy series since Harry Potter came out and that was years ago. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to be magically sucked into the story of A Darker Shade of Magic. The book had everything from a cross dressing pirate, magicians and travellers to parallel Londons.
  1. I fell in love with Victoria’s writing. Her ability to describe all four Londons in descriptive language touches our imagination and so do the characters. I remember picturing every scene that was happening because of the minute details that Victoria describes in basic language. The character’s movement, the bloody battle scenes, and the history behind every London came to life that I loved every word and every moment in the story.
  1. It’s rare to stumble on a new series that after finishing the first book you just have to get your hands on the next because you feel that you’re life isn’t complete without it. After that ending I am left with so many questions like what happened to White London? Will Rhy and Kell ever be the same together again? And will Kell see Lila again and become more then “just friends?” Well after reading the synopsis for the sequel, I’m guessing that Lila will most definitely come back but it will be an interesting addition if she and Kell were involved romantically.

So there you have it! Ever since yesterday I am waiting for this wonderful sequel to be published, and when it does I am expecting to be blown away by Victoria’s world with more magical adventures as they come to light in her next book!


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