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Review: The Wicked will Rise by Danielle Paige

the wicked will rise by danielle paigePublished: March 10 2015

Number of pages: 293

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Harper

Genre: fantasy, romance, mystery, adventure

Audience: YA

Rating: 2/5 owl hoots

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Dorothy is still alive. The Order has vanished. And the home that Amy Gumm left behind might be in danger. Somehow Amy has to find Nox and the rest of the Order, protect Ozma the true leader of Oz, and take down Dorothy and her henchmen. But as she continues her journey, the line between good and wicked shifts so who is she suppose to trust? Amy’s adventures continues as she journeys through Oz and finds a way to defeat Dorothy and reunite with the Order.

My Review:

I enjoyed Dorothy Must Die and didn’t mind that I had to wait another year for the sequel, but when it finally came out there was so many mixed reviews that I was hesitant to read it. Actually I was little more shocked as I didn’t expect so many mixed reviews, I mean it couldn’t be that bad. So I received the book as a birthday present and immediately read it thinking, “maybe this book isn’t as bad as people say it is.” I was wrong to think that.

I can summarize this book in three words: middle book syndrome, one of my greatest fears in a series. When I received the book, I was surprised to see how thin it was but that didn’t bother me. Before I start listing the problems (and sadly there are plenty) let’s start with the positive. The good news is that we continue where we left off in Oz after Amy escapes from the Emerald Palace and she is whisked off to somewhere safe, while the members of the Order are scattered somewhere. Once Amy and her companions are safe she recuperates and figures out a plan to find the Order. After that she travels from point A to point B only to meet some new characters, face minor setbacks from achieving her goals, and fighting battles along the way. We notice how Amy’s magic has evolved into something dark and menacing that she is afraid of it and what it will do to her. We also explore more of Oz as Amy travels to new places like The Queendom of the Wingless Ones and the Rainbow Palace.

Now for the bad news. First the story takes a really really really long time to develop. We are talking about reading twenty chapters for something interesting to happen and that is after Dorothy’s re appearance. Before that all we see is Amy and her friends travelling from one place to another but there is hardly and development with the plot or Amy’s character. I felt like she stayed the same since the first book. Sure her magic has evolved but she is still the same Amy Gumm from before, wondering what her place in Oz is and her fate in the mission, which is all very good but I heard it all before that it’s become repetitive. The romance between Nox and Amy was also disappointing. Their relationship has turned really awkward and I felt like there was no chemistry between them. It’s like they have these feelings for each other but they don’t know what to do or how to act on them.

When Dorothy finally re appears in the end, the plot escalates with intense fight scenes between her and Amy. We also see the Wizard who has a hidden agenda of his own but that only lasted for one chapter, which was disappointing. I would have liked it if the Wizard’s story was extended so that we learn more about his character and backstory, like how and why he came up with his diabolical plans for Oz.

Overall I felt like this sequel was just…awkward and there was hardly development with the plot and the characters since Dorothy Must Die. As much as I hate to admit it I wasn’t impressed with this sequel. I felt like the story was too short and the ending was too rushed, and it frustrates me how I had to wait so long for the story to escalate. I think I will still wait for the last book to come out but instead of buying it, I will borrow a copy from the library.


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