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Book Haul – May Edition (part 2)

May bookhaul part 2

Yesterday I showed you my book haul from my mad shopping spree at Chapters Indigo, but before that I also went to local bookstores where I found other great books at a good bargain. This includes the complete set of the Throne of Glass series (which is still ongoing) and the first book in the Infernal Devices trilogy, Clockwork Angel. I heard nothing but excellent reviews for Throne of Glass and I was surprise to find the UK edition! The books were still in good condition considering they were second hand and in paperback. This is one of the reasons I love shopping at independent bookstores, you will never know what lovely gems you might find in there! Speaking of series, I bought Clockwork Angel because originally I wanted to read it for last month’s book club but never got around to reading it.

For my birthday I received Shadow Scale which reminded me that I needed to read Seraphina (and I currently am) before reading this big Bible of a sequel. I also got The Enchanted, a novel that I read last year and enjoyed despite the dark and grim prison scenes. This is a magical realism story for older adults that almost had me in tears in the end, and I got it half off at Chapters!

So that completes my two-part May edition to my book haul. Last month was a really good haul and I’m very excited to get through the books. This will also mean that I won’t be buying books for awhile and looking at my pile, it looks like I will be reading a lot of series in June too.

What books did you get last month? Feel free to share!


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