Top Tuesday

Favorite Top Tuesday Topics in the Past 5 Years

Top Tuesday bannerWow I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since The Broke and the Bookish started this weekly meme! I only started participating almost a year ago and I really enjoyed blogging about each selected topic. Before that I started my own weekly meme called Top Thursday without realizing there was already a similar meme on Tuesdays. After learning about The Broke and the Bookish and their Top Tuesday memes, I decided to switch over and participate with the rest of the community.

However I don’t do a Top Tuesday post every week as I only do a topic that I am interested in blogging about, so today’s list will be a top 6. From TBR lists to favorite authors and books, here are my top 6 topics that I have written for in the past 5 years.

Top Books that were Hard to Read:

I think everyone has read books that were difficult to read. Whether they were short or thick there are many ways of getting lost in a book that made you think, “wait, what did I just read?” Making this list was helpful as I looked back on books that I will never re read again!

Ten Places Books have Made Me Want to Visit:

One of the important reasons for reading is that books can easily take you to strange new places. I love reading fantasy because of this same reason and I read many favorite books where I learned new worlds, real and fictional.

Books that I will probably Never Read:

This was a sad list to make because I hate leaving books unread on my shelf, but at least it gave me an idea of what books to keep and donate, leaving room for brand new books on my shelf.

All Time Favorite Books:

This was a tough list to make as I had to condense my list to 10, and I can assure you I have more “all time favorite” books then that.

Authors that I have Read One Book from but need to Read More Books:

Honestly, I’m still working through this list.

Books that I want to Read but don’t own Yet: 

Thankfully, I am slowly going down this list as I already read 4/10 books.

Here’s to another 5 years of Top Tuesdays lists!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Top Tuesday Topics in the Past 5 Years”

  1. I love reading about all the neat topics people have enjoyed writing about! I’m still new to TTT, so I just did my own thing this week. Top Books that were Hard to Read sounds like it would be an interesting one to do. Happy reading!


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