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Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

landline by rainbow rowellPublished: July 8 2014

Number of pages: 308

Format: hardcover

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: contemporary, romance

Audience: older adult

Rating: 2/5 owl hoots

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Georgie McCool knows her marriage is in trouble. Her husband Neal still loves her but that seems to be beside the point now. When Georgie tells Neal that she can’t go to Omaha this Christmas to work on her show, Neal leaves without her and takes the kids while she stays in Los Angeles. As Georgie stays at home, she wonders if their marriage is done for good, but on that same day she discovers a way to communicate with Neal from the past. It’s not time traveling, but Georgie feels likes she is given an opportunity to fix her marriage.

My Review: 

After reading Fangirl I was really excited to start this because I heard so many reviews about it last year. Almost every blogger and booktuber I knew read Landline and commented on how great it was. But after reading 100 pages I started getting bored, then frustrated, then really irritated, and then bored again. On the positive side, the romance is really cute and fluffy but sadly, that wasn’t enough to compel me into the story.

My biggest problem was the characters, especially Neal who complains how Georgie is spending so much time at work after he quits his job to raise the kids. First of all, Georgie works in the TV industry where she writes comedy shows, and that requires a lot of hours spent working in a studio. And when a man becomes a breadwinner nobody complains, but when a woman does it, it suddenly becomes a problem? Georgie is doing her part to financially support her family and suddenly Neal complains about how she is not spending enough time with their kids when he quit his job? I can see how Georgie is a workaholic, and how staying at Los Angeles to write her new show during Christmas is a problem for her family, but what is she suppose to do? Quit her dream job leaving both of them jobless? It is not like she wants to work through the holidays, and yet Neal thinks she is doing this on purpose to do her show. I really think Neal is asking too much from Georgie and he frequently gets jealous for no reason.

There were a few other characters that annoyed me, particularly Seth who is so self-absorbed and pretentious. I am not sure where my feelings with Georgie stand; on one hand, I can imagine myself in her shoes trying to fix her marriage, but on the other I felt like how she solved her marriage in the end was something out of a romantic comedy movie. The ending just seemed so…cliché.

The only thing that kept me going from finishing this story is the magic phone that Georgie uses to connect with the past Neal, which I thought was pretty cool. The romance was cute and shows how imperfect marriage leads to unforgettable love. But what really bothered me were the characters and the communication between Georgie and present Neal.

Overall, this was wasn’t my favorite book by the author. I still loved Fangirl so this book hasn’t changed my opinions about the author until I read the rest of her books.


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