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June Wrap Up + Bookhaul:

June wrapupI know it’s late to post my wrap up and bookhaul from last month so I decided to combine this into one post.

Two months ago I mentioned in my last wrap up that I would be reading more sequels in June. Sadly that did not happen as I can be quite the mood reader. Instead I read a bunch of graphic novels and contemporary books as I am trying to break into the habit of reading only fantasy. I’m pretty satisfied with the books that I’ve read; graphic novels probably don’t count as actual books but I’m still including them in my wrap up anyways.

I was also focused on finishing American Gods which was selected for the Little Book Club’s reading last month. It’s over 500 pages long and because the story was so dense it was daunting to finish it. I felt like my patience was tested while reading this as it was difficult to get into the story without feeling lost with the sub plots and character stories. American Gods was definitely one of the hardest to read with the most bizarre story, but nevertheless I did enjoy it.

I also started reading Cassandra Clare (thank God!) and now I can finally take her name out of my authors-to-read list. I also started the Seraphina series after my sister bought me the sequel, and I am getting into the habit of reading at least one classic each month. There are so many classics that I haven’t read and this is a good time to read or re read classics that I always wanted to visit or re visit. Reading The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender was a memorable experience because the story made me cry in the end, and the only disappointment I had was reading Landline which sadly turned out to be my least favorite Rainbow books.

Now for my book haul and I’ll try to keep this short.

June book haul

After reading Clockwork Angel I went and bought the rest of the Mortal Instruments series, and I just had to get The Invasion of the Tearling at Chapters as it’s on my most anticipated sequels this year! I’m going to make the effort to read it for July. At the same time, I also got Me Earl and the Dying Girl. After reading the first two pages I was immediately sold into getting the book anyways. I also bought a couple of classics and went to my local library to borrow a couple of contemporary and summer themed reads.

So that’s my June wrap up and bookhaul. Overall I’m pretty satisfied as to what I read last month and I know I pledged not to buy too many books after my spending spree from two months ago, but these books were on sale and I did make an effort to visit my library so that’s a plus.


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