Book Review

Review: Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd

her dark curiosity by megan shepherdPublished: January 28 2014

Number of pages: 419

Format: paperback

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Genre: science, gothic, mystery

Audience: YA

Rating: 5/5 owl hoots

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Months have passed since Juliet Moreau escaped her father’s island. She is now rebuilding her new life in London while trying to forget her father’s cruel experiments — although someone or something hasn’t forgotten about her. People with connections to Juliet are falling victim to a mysterious attacker whose calling card are three claw like slashes. After discovering this, Juliet fears that one of her father’s creations have escaped the island. She is determined to find the killer but that would mean facing a love from her past that she never expected to see again, and awakening a darker side of herself. In the meantime, Juliet continues to find a cure for her illness, driving her down towards scandal and danger.

My Review:

After that heart-breaking cliffhanger from The Madman’s Daughter I had to pick up the sequel, and I ended up devouring it! The suspense, the thrills, the conspiracy and the betrayals, this sequel had me gaping at all the right moments as reading it was a thrilling ride that I’m giving this a perfect 5 rating! The only problem with writing this review is not using all caps and exclamation marks too many times.

Ok so after taking a few breaths before I could continue writing, here is what I can say. We started exactly where we left off when Juliet returns to London to begin a new life and is taken care of by Professor Von Stein. Her life appears normalish with a new home, new guardian, and her friend Lucy by her side…until the creature she left behind at the island returns! Then everything seems like she’s back on her father’s island again except this time, she re unites with the creature only to discover a global conspiracy brought by a secret organization!

The cast from the first book returns including Juliet’s best friend, Lucy who plays a much bigger and significant role in the sequel. I love how we see more of Lucy and how she has this different side of her that we never saw before. In the first book, Lucy is perceived as a high society girl whose parents are well respected in their circle. But after she discovers Juliet’s secrets and her story about her time on the island, Lucy is slowly dragged into her friend’s darker world. Lucy is clever and observant which can come in handy when she is assisting with Juliet’s plans on sabotaging a conspiracy, and rather then asking too many questions she trusts her friend’s instincts but this can be wary after she sees this darker side of Juliet she never knew her friend had.

The story is much darker than the first book when Juliet re discovers her dark side. Living at her father’s island changed her as she developed this wild and almost animalistic side that she slowly gives in after meeting the creature and learning more about her father’s plans. Even after leaving the island, Juliet’s past has followed her into the streets of London as she and Montgomery find the organization’s plans that will revolutionize science and possibly warfare forever. You can pick up on the references to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (another horror classic that inspired this story) as we are re introduced to another character from the first book.

We are also re introduced to the romance between Juliet and Montgomery as the chemistry between them runs deeper, but her feelings for Edward changes her as it triggers a darker and even wicked side that I have never seen. After that ending, I never knew Juliet had it in her to do something so sinister and horrible that I was afraid she might have lost herself. But fortunately for her she will always have Montgomery and Lucy to remind her of her humanity.

This story had more suspense and I found myself more absorbed with the romance than the conspiracy. As much as I am happy how things turned out between Juliet and Montgomery, I still feel sorry for Edward as he is such a sweet guy despite his other half. I love how we see hints of the next book which is inspired by Frankenstein. AND THAT ENDING! AH! Megan is the queen of plot twists and cliffhangers!


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