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Ten Characters who are Fellow Book Nerds:

Top Tuesday bannerTop Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is characters that are fellow book nerds! This is one of my favorite lists as I love reading books about book nerds because you can never feel too attached to a fictional character that loves reading just as much as you do. The thrill of reading about another book nerd makes the story extra special. Someone who understands how important the written word is and how you can’t survive a day without books makes it easy to relate to the character. From books to movies here are my top characters that are fellow book nerds that inspired me to read more (and not be afraid to show it).

1. Matilda from Matilda 

This was one of my favorite Roald Dahl books about a girl who loves reading and is very intelligent despite her age. Sometimes I wonder how my life would change if I learned how to read Dickens at her age.

2. Celeana Sardothian from Throne of Glass

A cold-blooded assassin who loves to read? Shocking isn’t it? Even Prince Dorien thought so too but I like how our heroine enjoys a book or two as it really shows a different side to her.

3. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

I loved this Disney movie when I was a child! A young girl who loves reading more than boys, and is not afraid to throw sarcasm to the worst primeval man in the village Gustave. I’m also thrilled to hear that a live action movie is coming out starring Emma Watson. 

4. Kelsea Glynn from The Queen of the Tearling

So this wasn’t my favorite book from last year but I love reading how a young queen wishes to build a library for underprivileged people in her kingdom. It really shows how dedicated she is to improving the education system while spreading the love of reading to her people.

5. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

This is an obvious choice.

6. David from The Book of Lost Things

David is a boy who lost his mother so what does he do? He reads and reads a book after book to find comfort during this difficult time. Not only does this story draw from other fairy tales but it also teaches us how important reading is to discover new worlds, and that everything we need to know are from books. I’m not going to lie but the story made me cry in the ending.

7. Maya from The Storied Life of AJ Fikry

There are two things I love about Maya: she was raised in a bookstore and therefore has unlimited access to as many books as she can read! Who doesn’t love that?! 

8. Cath from Fangirl 

Another obvious choice.

9. Daphne de Luce from the Flavia de Luce series 

Daphne is one of Flavia’s older sisters who loves reading so much that she is clever to hide her novel as a Bible in church! She isn’t one of my favorite characters as Daphne and her sister love to tease and torture poor Flavia, but her obsession of reading earns her bonus points. 

10. Liesel from The Book Thief 

Raised by an adoptive family during World War II in Germany can be hard on a young girl, but luckily Liesel finds solace with a poor Jewish man and they both learn to survive on words. As Liesel tells her story about her life during the Nazi uprising, she teaches how words can change people for better and for worse.


3 thoughts on “Ten Characters who are Fellow Book Nerds:”

  1. I have not read The Queen of the Tearling yet but after reading what you said about it i am even more interested to give it a try. I do love a character that understand the value of a good library.
    Great List 🙂


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