Book Haul, Monthly Wrap Up

Late July Wrap up + Very Small Book Haul

Hello everybody! How’s everyone’s summer going? I’m so sorry for posting my July wrap up so late. I’m a little behind with my reviews as well; I have 3 reviews that I will try and post next week and this includes books that I recently read last month. After that my blog schedule should return back to normal.

I hate to be the one to say but it’s August and you know what that means: 3 more weeks until September. So there is only 3 weeks of summer left and that means 3 more weeks of summer reading before September rolls in. Since summer is near at its end, I want to focus on squeezing in as many contemporary books as I could and focus on series that I either need to catch up on or start reading before September because that is when the new books come out. But I will worry about my TBR later, right now I want to get this wrap up and book haul out of the way.

July 2015 wrap up

So July I read 10 books and for the first time I also finished reading a series in a month which has never happened before! I’m talking about the Madman’s Daughter series which I loved and adored since reading the first book and this will forever be my favorite series! I gave this entire series a perfect 5 because it deserved it because of its gothyness, mystery, romance (and may I say this was the hottest love triangle I read), and mad science. Each book is inspired by a gothic classic and I was impressed of how Megan Shepherd drew references from the classics into the characters.

I also read Magonia for the YA Reading Club at Chapters Metrotown. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the meet up to discuss the book but I did write a nice review for it. For the first time, I was glad this book wasn’t a stand-alone and that there is a series planned. I see a lot of potential with the characters and the plot so I’m looking forward to reading more Magonia. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was a lol funny turned really awkward story with a lot of effed up moments. Crown of Midnight lifted up to my expectations and I was glad to see more growth with Celeana. Entwined was the fluffiest story I’ve read with a potential to turn into a Disney movie, and This One Summer is a graphic novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.

July 2015 book haul

Now for my book haul or rather, really small book haul. I only ordered 2 books last month which I didn’t mind as I’m saving money for new fall releases. After reading Bitter Greens I had to pre-order Wild Girl, and after hearing so many good reviews for Ink and Bone I read it as soon as it arrived. It took me a few days to finish and I LOVED it that I had to write a review as soon as I finished. You guys, if you haven’t read Ink and Bone I recommend that you do because it is the best book I’ve read all summer!

So that wrap ups my July reading month and book haul! What have you guys done during the summer?


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