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Review: A Cold Legacy by Megan Shepherd

a cold legacy by megan shepherdPublished: January 27 2015

Number of pages: 388

Format: paperback

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Genre: gothic, horror, romance, scifi

Audience: YA

Rating: 5/5 owl hoots

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After killing the men who stole her father’s research, Juliet and her friends escape to an estate owned by Elizabeth Von Stein. The mansion is filled with mysteries and a dark history of forbidden science, including dead corpses in the cellar, secret passages, and a fortuneteller who seems to know Juliet too well. When Juliet uncovers the secrets behind the Von Stein family, she is forced to decide where the line between right and wrong, life and death, magic and science, and promises and secrets. She must also decide if she’s following her father’s footsteps, her mother’s tragic ones, or her own.

My Review: 

So I actually finished reading the trilogy last month but I wrote the review late. This has become one of my favorite trilogies this year and I’m so glad that I finished! What a wicked way to end the trilogy; so many juicy secrets, plot twists, sudden betrayals, and more mad science that I found myself screaming internally in all the right moments and not having to let go of the pages until the end. Once again, Megan Shepherd has still managed to grab my attention and pull me into Juliet’s world of horrifying legacies and mad science experiments that it’s so hard to even write this review without all caps and fangirl screams!

After that horrific scene at the King’s Club, Juliet and her friends must flee from London to help save Edward. They flee to Elizabeth Von Stein’s manor in Scotland, and as we learned from the sequel, she is the last descendant of Victor Von Stein. So by now, you already know which gothic classic inspired this story. Juliet has come a long way since escaping her father’s island but her past continues to haunt her. By the time she arrives to the manor, Juliet starts questioning about her future with Montgomery. But will she always be her father’s daughter or could she be more like her pious mother? But after learning about her father’s secret letter from the island, Juliet realizes there is a chance for her to start a new life, and instead of following into anyone’s footsteps, Juliet learns to make her own.

But Juliet isn’t the only person girl who turns a new leaf. Ever since Lucy escaped with her friends, she develops a scary dark side and a dangerous interest to forbidden science. From a wealthy society girl who enjoys flirting with handsome men, Lucy is now a runaway after discovering her father’s crimes, and is willing to make sacrifices to keep her friends safe proving how her friendship with Juliet means to her. On the other hand, I was scared how Lucy developed a dark fascination to Frankenstein and had no idea she would go so far to save Edward even if it meant pushing Juliet to the brink of madness. I was both surprised and shocked to see how much Lucy has changed since the events in London, but at the same time I was impressed how loyal she was to her friends.

I love seeing how our characters have grown since The Madman’s Daughter; Juliet’s naïve and vulnerability shows that underneath her dark history of forbidden science and crimes, all she ever wanted to be was a normal girl with dreams of raising a family with the one man she ever loved. Even Edward has changed after leaving London, and the ending was so bittersweet that it was satisfying to see how he and Juliet have both found their peace. I loved everything from the spine tingling thrills to the heart pounding mystery, and the irresistible romance. Rich with excitement, intrigue, and a gory gothic adventure, Megan never ceases to surprise me with her beautiful writing. If you haven’t read this trilogy, I encourage you to read it!


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