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Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

crown of midnight by sara j maasPublished: September 2 2014

Number of pages: 418

Format: paperback

Publisher: Bloomsbury UK

Genre: high fantasy, adventure, romance

Audience: YA

Rating: 4/5 owl hoots

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Celeana Sardothian, royal assassin, is the King of Adarlan’s deadly weapon. To win her freedom, she must obey his orders but every death she fakes puts those she loves at risk. Torn between her captain and a prince, and battling against the king’s dark forces, Celeana must decide on her fate, and what she will fight for: her heart or her liberty?

My Review: 

Ever since Throne of Glass I was really excited to see more what the series has to offer, and observe how Celeana’s character changes after winning King’s Champion. Once she accepts her title to win back her freedom, Celeana returns to the cold-hearted assassin as she follows her King’s orders. No more pretty dresses and attending fancy balls, Celeana turns back to wearing “men’s clothing” and carrying around lethal weapons!

I actually enjoy seeing Celeana as the assassin again, she is more comfortable being inside her own skin then pretending to be a lady of the court. I was still disappointed that things didn’t work out between her and Dorien after that cliffhanger. I was really hoping that the two will rekindle their love but instead, their relationship has become more strained. Every encounter they had, I was always hoping that Dorien and Celeana would make up as I loved how their chemistry grew into a forbidden romance. But that never happened, on the other hand I was impressed how Celeana suddenly set her eyes on someone else I didn’t expect to be her love interest. It’s sad to see them apart now that they are just friends, but I was surprised how Celeana alone has come a long way since the competition.

After learning that she became the King’s Champion, I was worried that Celeana might turn back to the old assassin with no morose for killing her victims. But I was wrong! Honestly I was so taken aback at when Celeana chose to let her victims live that my next worry was having the King to find out. Of course I wasn’t the only one, Chaol was just as shocked as I was when Celeana revealed her secret, but it only shows that she has a different side. Apart from her cold, calculating, and often cruel attitude Celeana can also be empathetic, caring, and sympathetic of others, especially for her loved ones. But sometimes her rage can get the best of her and when Celeana lost it after finding out what happened to Chaol, I was really scared that she was going to revert back to a cold killer again. So much bloodbath and killing scenes mixed with politics, secrets, and betrayals; along with ancient magic and histories revealed regarding the fae queen were also explored. Celeana, Chaol, and Dorien each had their sub plots and secrets that it was like reading all three of their stories into one.

Just like in the first book, Sara takes her time to build up the plot. I understand that she does this on purpose to build up the intensity and climax of the story, but sometimes she kills me as I’m patiently waiting for some excitement to happen. And that cliffhanger! Again Sara has managed to wring my eyes out and scream internally into the pages after learning Celeana’s secret history. Everything is out in the open now, no strings between Chaol, Dorien, and Celeana so I can only imagine what Heir of Fire will bring. This story is better then the prequel and I’m really excited to read Heir of Fire which I heard rave reviews for. I’m hoping to finish the next book soon before Queen of Shadows comes out in September.


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