Book Haul

My surprisingly large August Book Haul:

So this month I ended up buying more books then I planned. I know this happens to a lot of people, but I had a solid budget for spending on books. But since the beginning of August I have been spending hours online researching for new titles and editions, that I went to store after store without realizing that what started out as an innocent looksee, turned to a shopping spree. I ended up spending approximately $70 this month which was totally unanticipated as I only meant to buy a few books, not a pile! After realizing how much I spent, I declared going on a book ban next month. Will I stick to it? Personal experiences say no, but I’m going to try anyways as I really don’t want to break the bank again.

August book haul 2015

Now here are the titles that I spent my precious money on. I regret spending so many dollars, but how can I say no to these books? I have bought a couple of children’s classics: The Princess Bride, A Little Princess and The Adventures of Robin Hood; I watched the movies based on these stories, but never the books. Then I got The Monstrumologist, the first book in the most horrifying series by Rick Yancey. It’s a mass-market paperback but I do love the cover design compared to the trade paperbacks. Then for a bargain, I bought The Clockwork Scarab with characters that are descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Bram Stocker’s Dracula. And I couldn’t end the month without buying the new release in the Cainsville series by Kelley Armstrong: Deceptions. I’ve been following this series since Omens came out two years ago, and it’s one of the best psychological and urban fantasy series I’ve read. I made the mistake of thinking that this was a trilogy until Kelley confirmed that two more books are underway.

I also ordered a title called The Song of Achilles, a book that VE Schwab tweeted about and has received good reviews on Goodreads. And on I preordered Every Word by Ellie Marney which is the sequel to Every Breath. The trilogy is contemporary YA but with a hint of Sherlock as our main character, James Mycroft is like a young Holmes next door attending high school with Rachel Watson (see the character reference?) I love reading Sherlock inspired stories so I can’t wait until the sequel comes out on September 8!

So that’s my outrageously large August book haul that almost broke my bank. But after taking deep breathes and looking at my books one last time, I realized that there’s nothing wrong with having too many books. I just have to watch out how I spend on titles next time.


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