Monthly Wrap Up

August Wrap Up:

Summer is over folks! September has arrived and fall will soon be upon us. August is gone and that means another monthly wrap up. With only one month of summer left, I thought I could finish the season with a lot of reading before the fall releases came out. Sadly, I only read 7 books but I did start reading a new series before the sequel is released, so that’s an advantage. I also finished the Throne of Glass series (the first three books anyways) so I’m all prepared for Queen of Shadows!

August Wrap Up

I read a total of 7 books and 4 of them were rated 4 to 5/5 stars! So overall this was a pretty good way to end the summer. I finally finished Heir of Fire and it took me longer to read because of its length. Despite that, I had a really good time reading the story because so much as changed since Celeana left Ardalan, even Dorian and Chaol have not been the same after her departure. I loved everything about the story! I loved seeing how Celeana has grown since her friend’s death and learn new fae magic, and how we see memories of her childhood (yes we get answers to her past history, finally!)

I also read new releases such as Ink and Bone, one of my favorite books of the year! This was like Harry Potter and Fahrenheit 451 rolled into one universe. First you have students enrolled into one of history’s most famous libraries: The Great Library of Alexandria, competing into becoming one of its curators. Second, the story is set in an alternate time where owning original or copies of books are illegal. Holy crap, how scary is that? You’re not even allowed to personally own a physical book; instead you have these tablets that are like ereaders. I’m so excited that Rachel Caine is doing a series because I can’t wait to read more about the Library and what Jess and his friends plan to do next to stop it from taking control over everything.

Snow Like Ashes is one of the more enjoyable high fantasy stories I’ve read and I can’t wait till the sequel Ice Like Fire comes out this fall! I seriously think Sara Raasch has a lot of potential with the characters and this unique world of Season Kingdom and magic. I also couldn’t end the summer without reading contemporary romance, including The Beach Café, which is also the perfect book to take with you to the beach with an umbrella and an ice cold drink. Love Fortunes and Other Disasters is another Swoon Reads novel and unlike the last one, this didn’t disappoint me. I was looking for a cute story but this wasn’t overly fluffy. It’s lighthearted, witty, and has an imaginative setting where real love charms are made and fortunes are told.

But there will always be a book that I didn’t enjoy and that was A School for Unusual Girls. I had high hopes for the story after reading the synopsis as I love reading historical romances set in the Victorian Era. But I couldn’t click with the characters and as the plot progressed, the story became boring that I was close to putting it down and DNFing it.

Regardless that I couldn’t read more books, August still turned out to be a pretty good reading month and I’m happy of the books I read to end the summer. How was your August?


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