Book Review

Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

heir of fire by sarah j maas

Published: September 7 2014

Number of pages: 562

Format: paperback

Publisher: Bloomsbury UK

Genre: high fantasy, assassins, mystery, romance, faeries, magic

Audience: YA

Rating: 4/5 owl hoots

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Celeana is consumed by rage and guilt, but she must focus her energy on fighting back against the King of Ardalan. The Immortal Queen can help destroy the king for a price, but can Celeana battle with her darkest memories and fulfill the bargain and head the court of Terrasen. And who will stand with her?

My Review:

I’m so glad I finished reading this before Queen of Shadows came out. I’m still waiting in line for my copy to arrive but in the meantime, I just want to say that Heir of Fire was freaking brilliant! So much has changed with the plot and the characters since Throne of Glass that I couldn’t freakin’ believe what happened in the end, and that cliffhanger! This is one of my favorite books in the series as so much has escalated since Celeana left Adarlan, even Chaol and Dorian have changed and grown distant since her departure, but we’ll talk about that later.

If there’s one thing I learned after reading the first two books, is that you never know whom Sarah J Maas is going to kill off in the series. Again, she had me at the edge of my seat because there was no way of telling who was going to get cut off, betrayed, murdered, unfaithful to, tortured, etc. As per usual, we are told four different stories from the perspective of Celeana, Chaol, and Dorian in addition to new characters including Rowan and Manon, one of the Blackbeak witches and the most interesting and intimidating characters I ever read in this series.

I felt myself more drawn towards her because of her confidence and determination of becoming the clan leader. But unlike other witches, Manon finds a new side of her she hadn’t realized: humility. Was she taught to have no emotional attachment to anyone or anything or was that her choice alone? When Manon discovers the truth, she begins to reevaluate her values about the witch clan and most importantly, her identity. I love observing how characters have that epiphany moment, where everything they thought they knew about themselves is turned against them and Manon begins to doubt herself. I can’t wait to see what will choices she will make after the games! Will she change to be a better person, or will she embrace the Blackbeak ways and continue to be the unemotional and cruel witch she was taught to be?

And Celeana! Ah! How can I begin writing this review without talking about Celeana first? I love how Celeana transforms into a new person in every book. This time she learns to embrace her fae side and accept her new destiny as queen if ever she wants to fulfill Nehemia’s goal of saving her people from the King of Ardalan. We see a lot of magic and shape shifting and in one scene, Celeana actually blankets herself with fire which was freaking amazing! This is a new side of Celeana I’ve never seen before, and that one off with Maeve was one of the best battle scenes ever!

But after Celeana left Ardalan, it was like she left a large hole in the lives of Chaol and Dorian. Things were no longer the same between them anymore which was pretty sad, seeing how they turned further and further apart. I really wanted these two to make up and be best friends again, but it was inevitable. And I was so upset as to what happened to Dorian in the ending! I was internally screaming after what his father did to him that I couldn’t stop thinking about that ending after finishing! I was left shocked and terrified and I can only imagine what will become of Dorian in the next book.

So overall, this book tore me apart. Reading this was like an emotional roller-coaster ride ending with another surprising cliffhanger and with another hope for Celeana’s new future. After this, I desperately want to read Queen of Shadows now!


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