Book Haul

September Book Haul:

I still can’t believe September has gone; it just seems too soon for the month to be over. Very soon Halloween will arrive and then it’s two more months until the year is over. I’m going to try and not think about that now because there are way too many things for me to enjoy in the present to think about the end of the year, like my October TBR for instance! So many new titles are planned for release this month and I’m completely frazzled on what to read next. So far, I’m currently reading Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs and I’m loving it! Very soon I will read Queen of Shadows and other books planned for this month.

September 2015 book haul

My September book haul isn’t very large compared to last month and as you might recall, I pledged to go on a book ban but that was broken since the first week of September when I received Every Word and The Island of Dr. Moreau from Chapters Indigo. I read both books already but haven’t got the chance to upload my review for Every Word yet because I’m slowly getting out of my blogging slump that I’ve been suffering from the past week.

Then I picked up my orders of The Song of Achilles and while I was at the bookstore, I found a copy of Falling Kingdoms which I had to buy despite my book plan. The good news is that I only spent $6 so it was totally worth it. Soon after Dumplin’ came out I bought it for 40% off at Chapters because I heard so many great things about the story, and later I found Elanor and Park for sale at another bookstore so there was no way I was going to leave without that, not after reading Fangirl. I just hope it’s better then Landline because I didn’t enjoy that story at all.

I’m pretty happy with my September book haul, and I only spent around $60 so that’s not too bad, especially now that I have a job. So even though a small part of me regrets having to break my book ban, I’m still pretty happy with my load and that I spent less than what I bought for my August book haul. And since I’m working now, I’ll be focusing my efforts on reading and blogging so I won’t be buying as many titles for now.

What was your September like? Bought anything good?


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