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10 Wishes I like the Book Genie to Grant Me:

Top Tuesday bannerTop Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is wishes that I like the book genie to grant me. This is an easy and not easy post to discuss as there are more then 10 wishes that I like my book genie to grant me, and that’s not including adding 10 more wishes (although that sounds pretty lame because who doesn’t want more wishes).

After some careful consideration, I have compiled 10 of the most thoughtful wishes that I could think of, and I’m not just asking for more new books but also ways of improving my reading experience.

1. A $100 a year to spend on books alone. 

This may sound like another lame wish but let’s face the facts here: books are not cheap. In fact one of the most daunting experiences I have walking inside a Chapters bookstore is pulling a book out of the shelf and looking at the inside dust cover or the back of a paperback only to learn that it’s way above my spending limit. Hardcovers are not cheap and neither are paperbacks (mass paperbacks are an exception), and because of this it’s getting harder for me to spend my hard earned money on books without breaking my budget (which has occurred more then once this year). So yes, I would like my book genie to grant me $100 to spend on books for a year, and still have some leftover cash for another time. I maybe a quick spender but I do know how to save my money!

2. The ability to not fall into a reading slump. 

I’m not sure how my book genie can grant me this but since it has magical powers I’m sure it will find a way to do so. I hate falling into reading slumps as I get so frustrated as to why I don’t feel like reading. Sometimes this will last for a week or so and it’s really irritating because at one point, I want to read a book but then my brain just wants to fall asleep so I end up in my bed anyways. It’s really distracting and I feel like a procrastinator just for not reading. If my book genie can find a way to get me out of this nightmare, then I will be very thankful.

3. A cat. 

I like cats. And I love walking into a bookstore with cats (and there is one in my neighborhood). So I would love a furry kitty as a reading buddy to keep me company. I don’t know why but cats and books just go well together.

4. A free pass to BEA! 

I have never even been to one before but I would love to go with a free pass and all expenses covered! I’ve seen the registration fees and they are freakin’ expensive, on top with a hotel stay and commodities, and I might end up breaking my budget for three days. But one day, I will go to BEA and meet my favorite authors and grab free ARCs and do everything else that every booknerd dreams of doing in BEA. It will be like I’m in heaven but with the aid of my book genie that can offer me a free pass to go and maybe a magic carpet ride so I don’t have to pay for airline tickets.


Yes I’m a book blogger but requesting ARCs is no easy feat. Asking a publisher for an ARC is an art itself and it’s also a challenge when they have hundreds of requests from other bloggers and reviewers. Sure I like to enter free giveaways on Goodreads, but it’s becoming a challenge to win an ARC that I really want, so I would really love it if my book genie can help me get an ARC from the publisher.

6. An indestructible bookcase. 

Maybe I’m going out of hand here, but right now I have a really old and wooden bookcase that collects dust and dead spiders. It’s gross I know, which is why I would love to keep my books safe in a dust proof, spider proof, and water proof case. I’m not sure how my book genie can produce such a bookcase, but I’ll leave that up to him and maybe we can work on some blueprints together for the design.

7. A job at a bookstore.

Every since I rekindled my love for reading and started a blog, it’s been my dream to find a full time permanent job at a bookstore because 1) I love books and being surrounded by books and talking about books I’ve read, and 2) employee discount!

8. A job at a library. 

So if my plan of finding a job at a bookstore doesn’t work out because of the economy, etc then working at a library would also be nice. Besides the library is a quiet place and I wouldn’t mind sitting in a library reading during my break time. That would be highlight of my day!

9. Travel money to author meet ups and book signings.

Sadly I don’t have enough to cover for travelling to Toronto and the United States to meet my favorite authors and come to their book signings (why don’t they ever go to Vancouver?), so I would love it if I could take time off and just travel. Or maybe my book genie can move these book signings and events to Vancouver so I don’t have to travel so far?

10. Psychic powers that will help me know when an author is coming out with a new book in a series. 

Ok now I’m really going out of hand! But who doesn’t hate it when they have to wait until the author announces on Twitter when their next book is coming out? But if my book genie can grant me psychic powers then I won’t have to wait for the author to announce on social media when their next book is planned for release, because then I would have already known!

So those are my 10 wishes that I would love my book genie to grant me. What wishes would you like to have come true?


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