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Review: Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

library of souls by ransom riggsPublished: September 22 2015

Number of pages: 458

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Quirk Books

Genre: fantasy, paranormal, mystery

Audience: YA

Rating: 5/5 owl hoots

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The adventure that began Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children finally comes to a conclusion. Jacob and Emma must find a way to save their friends and Miss P by travelling through history, fighting wights and hollows, and forging allies for the epic battle of peculiardom.

My Review: 

I’m going to be honest here; I was not ready to read this. I love the peculiar books and when the final book came out, I was excited but sad that it was going to end! The good news is that I can enjoy reliving this experience over again, but when I finished, I laid down on my bed crying, knowing that it’s all over.

This was one of the best YA trilogy I’ve had the pleasure to read. I knew that someday it was going to end and I was anticipating an unforgettable finale that I will treasure in my heart for a long time, and thankfully, Ransom Riggs did not disappoint me!

I love seeing how much Jacob has evolved since his first encounter with the peculiar children. Watching him compare himself between the Old Jacob and New Jacob reminds how his character has grown to accept his peculiarness, while learning to fight hollows and wights. In the end, he became one of the bravest peculiar anyone has ever witnessed and still gets the girl! Speaking of which, Emma Bloom has also come a long way since leaving her home with Miss P. She’s a short tempered girl but has never lost her cool even during the toughest of situations including but limited to standing against an army of wights! I love seeing Jacob and Emma together, not just because of the romance (they do make the most adorable peculiar couple ever), but also they make a great team that I couldn’t help cheering these two on during their rescue mission.

After learning more about Miss P’s family and her brother’s backstory, everything fell into place. In the sequel we only caught a glimpse of Cauls’ master plan over peculiardom, but after Jacob and Emma picked up the missing pieces, everything about Caul’s actions and his hidden agenda against his sister made sense. I still thought the Library of Souls was one of the creepiest time loops the peculiars have ever encountered, and just witnessing Caul transforming into that monstrous thing was the scariest thing I’ve seen.

And the ending just seemed like the right way to finish a beloved trilogy. It was so bittersweet and funny at the same time that after finishing I couldn’t stop thinking about it for awhile. I immediately fell in love with peculiardom and I’m still very sad that it’s over. There was nothing else I could have asked for; we had answers to questions, more family history and betrayals, new and returning characters, and a brilliant plot that was written in full circle complete with one of the most romantic and bittersweet endings. I was in love with this trilogy after reading the first book and even though I feel relieved that it’s finished, I’m still going to miss Miss P and her peculiar children like how I missed Harry Potter and Hogwarts. I freakin’ love this story and I want to thank Ransom Riggs for teaching us that being peculiar can make you special.


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