Book Review

Review: Every Word by Ellie Marney

every word by ellie marneyPublished: September 8 2015

Number of pages: 334

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Tundra Books

Genre: mystery, crime, romance, contemporary

Audience: YA

Rating: 4/5 owl hoots

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James Mycroft has left London to investigate a car accident similar to the one his parents were killed in. Rachel Watts is furious when she hears that he’s left without saying a proper good bye to her, she knows Mycroft isn’t normal but she’s also aware of his nightmares. So Rachel decides to chase after him in London and follow his investigation that will cause all kinds of trouble for him. A crime consisting of a theft of Shakespeare’s First Folio, and the murder of a rare books conservator that is so similar to his parent’s deaths, how can Mycroft possibly pull himself together without losing himself and Rachel?

My Review: 

Holy crap what did I just read?! I can’t even fathom what I just went through! The sequel was not what I anticipated after reading Every Breath, but this was so much better. There’s more steamy romance, more intensity, more character backstory and it all takes place in London! Yes London! Oh my goodness this could easily turn into another episode of BBC Sherlock which is exactly how I pictured it while reading, except with my favorite Aussie couple!

It’s been a long time since I read a sequel that I thoroughly enjoyed, more so then the first book. Compared to Every Breath this was way more freakin’ intense that it was like riding an emotionally roller coaster ride with so many twists and turns that there’s no telling what’s going to happen next, because anything is game in London. When Mycroft returns to his old hometown to investigate a murder case similar to that of his parents, Rachel feels obligated to follow him just to keep things in check. Because only Rachel is smart enough to know that when Mycroft is dealing with a carjacking case closer to home, there’s a pretty slim chance that he might get into a emotional breakdown which often leads to cursing and self-destructiveness.

I love seeing these two together: Mycroft and Rachel just seem right for each other, despite what her parents say, and they have a lot to say about Mycroft. The romance between these two is getting steamier and Ellie Marney doesn’t hesitate for a moment to get them into the same room together. Watching Mycroft and Rachel together reminds me of how much their relationship has grown and how they have come to rely on each other. Mycroft NEEDS Rachel and not just because she’s the only person who understands what he’s going through after his tragedy, but because she keeps his mentality in check so that he doesn’t break down and go mentally berserk. Strangely enough, I like seeing Mycroft’s destructive side as it reminds me how fragile he is beneath his Sherlocky exterior.

And man oh man, did things spiral way out of control when they were in London! After Rachel was kidnapped for doing her own investigation (which is always how she gets herself into trouble), things became way intense when it suddenly turned into a hostage situation. There was no way of knowing what was happening next, it felt like I was thrown out of my seat without knowing how I was going to land. One little issue I had was the torture scene between Rachel and the goons who kidnapped her, that scene made me feel a little nauseous. There’s more violence, more cursing, and the story was so powerfully absorbing that I was sucked into reading every last word (no pun intended) until it became way to hard for me to set aside the book, and when I finished I felt emotionally drained that I hit a slump afterwards to digest what I just read.

After Rachel and Mycroft returned to Melbourne, I knew things weren’t going to be the same between them and her parents, not after what they went through. I was pretty sad how things turned out between Rachel and her family. But one thing is for certain, we’re closer to figuring out the mystery behind Mycroft’s parents murder and I’m prepared and not prepared to read the last book in the trilogy.

What can I say? I love reading mystery, crime, and Sherlock Holmes. It’s my passion so when there’s a story inspired by the popular detective or better, with character references to Sherlock then you can bet that I will read it! And Every Word completely blew me away that I started fangirl screaming before the story even ended.


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