Top Tuesday

Top Debut Authors who have Me Looking Forward to their Sophomore Novel:

Top Tuesday bannerTop Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish and this week’s topic is debut authors that had me looking forward to their next title. The challenge of this list is coming up with debut authors, and unfortunately I haven’t read very many titles from new authors. Many of the authors I’ve read from already have a complete series written and there are some debut authors whose books I haven’t had the time to read yet. So to make things easier on myself, I have compiled a mix of debut authors whose books I read this year, and authors which I read their first book in a new series.

1. Christina Henry-Alice 

I recently finished this last week and loved it! At first I thought it was a stand-alone until I found out from Goodreads that a sequel was coming out next year! I was so glad of this because I knew that the story couldn’t have ended like that after finding out about Alice’s new fate and Hatcher’s continued search for his daughter.

2. VE Schwab-A Darker Shade of Magic

Victoria isn’t a debut author as she’s written a series before, but this is the first book in a series that I read from the author, and I’m so excited for the sequel to come out next year! I can hardly wait to see more of Prince Rhys and Kell!

3. William Ritter-Jackaby 

Granted the sequel for Jackaby has already come out but I’m still adding William to this list because he’s a recent debut author in the fantasy and paranormal genre. I haven’t finished Beastly Bones yet but from the slow pace in the plot I’m really hoping that the story gets better in the end because I would hate to be disappointed when the first book got me so excited for what was left to come for Mr. Jackaby and Abigail Rook.

4. Leslye Walton-The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavander

This is a stand-alone book but I read in the inside sleeve of the jacket that Leslye was writing another book. I’ve been checking Goodreads and nothing yet, but I’m looking forward to reading her beautiful and poetic writing again. 

5. Rachel Caine-Ink and Bone

Rachel’s not a debut author either but Ink and Bone is becoming a promising series with a cross from Fahrenheit 911 and Harry Potter.

6. Sara Raasch-Snow Like Ashes

I haven’t bought Ice like Fire yet but I’m really anxious to after Snow Like Ashes. A high fantasy series about a world where kingdoms are divided by seasons is an exciting series to dive into!

7. Maria Dahvana Headley-Magonia

I was fortunate to read this for a book club because this is another magical realist story that I thoroughly enjoyed and I’m glad Neil Gaiman recommended this; her writing is unique and unlike anything I’ve seen.

8. Helene Wecker-The Golem and the Jinni

I just learned that Helene is coming out with a sequel for The Golem and the Jinni! It’s been more than a year since I read this book and I’m so happy that she’s coming out with another one following the journey of well…the golem and the jinni, but this time the setting will be during World War II! So excited! Only to be disappointed when I found out the sequel won’t be coming out 3 years from now…


What debut authors have got you excited for their next book? I want to hear recommendations!


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