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Review: Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carriger

manners & mutiny by gail carrigerPublished: November 3 2015

Number of pages: 326

Format: hardcover

Publisher: Little Brown Books

Genre: fantasy, romance, supernatural, steampunk

Audience: YA

Rating: 3/5 owl hoots

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Lessons in Mademoiselle Geraldine’s School for Ladies of Quality have become tedious for Sophronia especially without her sweet sootie Soap. She rather use her espionage skills to thwart the Picklemen and yet nobody seems to take heed of her suspicions about their wicked intentions. What does the dewan and Lord Akeldama know? With no one to turn to except with her friends, Sophronia must save her school and London from disaster after uncovering a horrible plot that is about to come to fruition.


My Review: 

I can’t believe this is the end! The ending to one of my beloved series that I’ve been following since the day my friend recommended Etiquette and Espionage. That felt like years ago and after following the series, it has now come to a conclusion to Sophronia’s education in espionage training. It’s no doubt that I love this steampunk series and Miss Geraldine’s floating dirigible school. When Manners and Mutiny came out, I was anticipating an epic ending to Sophronia’s training with a touch of romance!

Gail Carriger finishes the series with a proper finish as the conclusion ends with a bang (literally!) Sophronia is once again left to stop the Picklemen and their wicked plans of taking over London. With deadly twists and turns and the shocking revelation with Mademoiselle Geraldine, there was no telling what was going to happen next! The story was totally unpredictable as were the characters themselves, as Sophronia couldn’t tell who to trust at Mademoiselle Geraldine’s, or any other supernatural elite, including the dewan and Lord Akeldama. Fortunately she still has her friends and her beloved Soap to rely on but Sophronia is clever to use her own espionage skills that she developed over the years at school. It was like everything that Sophronia learned inside the floating school from flirting to using a crossbow, were used to thwart the Pickleman’s plans! Talk about a proper way of finishing by showing everyone what she has learned since the day Sophronia stepped on board the dirigible.

As much as I love reading Sophronia’s journey through finishing school and watching her infiltrate the Pickleman’s schemes of taking over London, there was one thing that was missing: Soap! That’s not to say that there was no Soap at all, I just felt like he didn’t make enough appearances. After what happened to her sweet sootie in Waistcoats and Weaponry, I was hoping to see more scenes of Sophronia and Soap together as they attempt reconciliation and try to rekindle their romance. The rekindling was there and so was the chemistry between the two, but Soap wasn’t even there for Sophronia to help her with the mission against the Picklemen after she chose to go on her own. I was sorely disappointed with the lack of Sophronia and Soap scenes because I love seeing them working as a team, especially after their last mission involving a runaway train. They know how to act and behave with each other, almost like doing ballet that they make a perfect pair romantically and in missions together!

But despite the lack of Soap’s appearance, I still had the pleasure of reading Sophronia’s adventures inside the floating school after years of training in espionage was finally put to the test. I’m sad to see Sophronia go but happy with the way things turned out in the end with a proper finish to her education and perhaps a new hope for her and Soap.


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